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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Exploring London.

It was that time again: my third London trip in December. I travelled with my sister again. This time only for three days because we both did not have that much time. However, we still wanted to go on vacation. We had little plans and just wanted to enjoy London.

On Friday before the trip I drove to my sister. We were at asian restaurant. I got a "tofu pot" with lots of vegetables in a delicious, sweet soy sauce. It had a small bowl of rice and beans with sesame on top. Then we went home, watched a show, drank tea and went to bed early. We had to get up at 3, so we went to bed early.

Our journey started at 3 o'clock in the morning. First we had to drive tram and then change to another train to get to the airport. The  Secruity was over within 5 minutes. We then bought a coffee and my sister bought small mini croissants. Unfortunately, I'm hardly hungry so early in the morning and didn't ate at the airport. Our flight took off almost on time and we landed right on time in London. There we picked up our luggage.

We drove with the StanstedExpress to Liverpool Street. Our hotel was only a 6-minutes-walk from Liverpool Street. Right in Shoreditch. We stayed at the Point A Hotel in London, Shoreditch. Nearby was the Spittlesfield Market, a Veggie Pret-A-Manger, a Bill's and so on. It was just a great environment. We went directly to Bill's after checking in at the hotel. I had the veggie breakfast and my sister had avocado on toast. Me and my sister both had tea. She had an English Breakfast Tea and I had Earl Gray Tea. Then I had another coffee.

Then we walked through London. We walked to Trafalger Square and were in China Town. There we ate small pastries in fish form. The pastry was filled with a vanilla cream. Delicious. We then tried spontaneously to get musical tickets. Unfortunately, there were none left for musicals that interested us. On a Saturday it's very difficult. And then: a fox! A fox in the middle of London! We are so scared and hoped that he is fine!

We then went to Hyde Park, along Kennsington, and then down to Knightsbridge. Then we went to the hotel to freshen up for the evening.

Previously we were  in beautifully decorated Carneby Street. There we bought two cookies at Ben's cookies. We were looking forward to it all year! I had like the Milk Chocolate & Orange Cookie - so delicious! That was our lunch, because we went to Jamie's Italian in the evening. It was so crowded! So: make a reservation. Luckily we had done that.

We had olives for starters with a delicious tomato dip and some bread. My main course was the five-a-day super food salad. It's: a wholesome salad of quinoa, fennel, celeriac, squash, roasted cauliflower, mung beans, radicchio, plenty of herbs & lemony extra virgin olive oil. My sister had the Gennaro's Tagliatelle Bolognese. Then we had some a dessert - we had to. My sister had the baked vanilla cheesecake. It's made with spiced caramelised orange, smashed honeycomb & pomegranate. I had the molten chocolate praline pudding with vanilla gelato, praline & chocolate sauce. It was so good.

Then we walked a bit through the streets. We were awake since 3 o'clock, so we were looking forward to our bed.

The next day fortunately not started as early as the previous one. We went to Veggie Pret-A-Manger. I think it's such a pity that Pret does not exist in Germany! The food is amazing! First of all, the Veggie Pret. It's great to be able to eat EVERYTHING. As a vegetarian, this is very rare. I had a sandwich with pumpkin, spinach, nuts and a delicious sauce. My sister also had a sandwich. We both had a mango cup. I got my usual cappuccino and my sister a tea.

Then we drove to Vauxhall to the Vauxhall City Farm. A farm, in the middle of London. You can visit the farm for free, but you can (and should) donate. The farm has 3 cats, goats, sheep, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, turkeys and so on. We were greeted directly by Howard, a red cat. Me and my sister love animals, so we found the farm great. We fed the ducks and geese - with special food that you could buy there. We also drank a delicious tea in the café of the farm. It is a great place to rest. We really had a great time and will definitely come back.

Then we took the tube back to Shoreditch and drove to Lady Dinah's Cat Café. I have been there twice before and I love the cafe. The staff are nice, the cats are super cute and the food and drinks are perfect. We took the high tea again. We had a coffee and a tea. I had a great green tea. The High Tea consisted of a scone, two sandwiches each, a small cheese and spinach muffin. Also a caramel eclair, a chocolate tart, 2 macarons and a delicious muffin. We have not eaten all day.

Then we went to Spittlesfield Market and Covent Garden. We looked around for a bit and let the beautiful day just end.

On the last day we had much less time. But we still used them. We actually wanted to eat pancakes at the Breakfast Club. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed exactly that day in the morning! So we just went to Bill's again. It was right across the street. There we had pancakes. Then we drove to Covent Garden and then we feasted properly. First we had a cookie from Ben's cookie - again Orange Milk Chocolate. Shortly thereafter, we had tea time at Whittard's! I had a Carrot Cake - one of the best Carrot Cakes I've ever eaten. My sister had scones. We also had some delicious tea!

Then we just walked through London. Through Soho, over the Waterloo Bridge. There was a Christmas market. It was incredibly busy, but the little shops were very cute. Pass the London Eye. I still can not understand why people are pay so much money, but well. We then crossed Westminster Bridge to Leicaster Square. There we took a little break with Costa. I had a gingerbread latte with Charlie, the Gingerbread Man! I really wanted to have him because he is so cute: D

Then we went to the hotel and talked about our train because we had to wait so long for our tube. Very rare for London. At the airport we needed about 30 minutes for the Secruity-Check. After that, we went to eat something at Pret-A-Manger and waited for our flight. He was over an hour late. We simply sat down in the waiting area with a coffee and waited. We finally came home well.

We walked more than 25,000 steps every day. It was a great vacation. I hope I can visit London again this year.


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