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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cornflakes, Matcha Latte + Sushi in Cologne

I really love cornflakes. So I had to visit the cornflakes café named "Flakes Corner". It serves national and international cornflakes that you don't get in Germany, Milkshakes (and Freakshakes), Waffles, international candy and amazing coffee. The café is so nerdy! They played music from the 70th, 80th and 90th, there were pictures of old tv series and movies. There was a Nintendo 64 you could play on. It was really great. You can chose between three different sizes: a small bowl, a large bowl and a "super bowl". The small and large bowl are both really small I would say. The "super bowl" costs 7,90€ and you don't have to pay the 70cents extra for international cornfales. It's expensive but the international cornflakes really costs a lot for them. So I chose 4 different cornflakes (I didn't saw the cinnebons cornflakes until it was too late - so sad). I chose Crave Double Chocolate, Reeses Puffs, Oreo-Os and something that was called Mocha Crunch. It was all really great! I took caramel milk (they have a lot of option) and put some M&Ms on top (you also have a lot of opions here). Flavoured milks costs 50cents and sweets on top costs 70cents extra. Yes it is expensive but as a treat it's really worth it.

Afterwards we went to a café named TENTEN. We had Matcha Latte and my sister had a Frozen Matcha Latte. If you ever find yourself in Cologne or Dusseldorf - visit the TENTEN Café - they have amazing food and drinks. We didn't ate something because we were still full from our breakfast.

Then we went to a sushi place. We originally wanted to go to another place but it was close! But we really enjoyed our stay. The green tea was lovely and the sushi was also really nice. Unfortunately they didn't made different sushi. They just made the same sushis all the time. We could have ordered different sushis, but this is not the point of "running sushi restaurant". But the sushi was nice and the waiters also was really really kind to every costumer :)

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