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Monday, 12 June 2017

Date Night at Mongos Restaurant

I love the Mongos Restaurant. These are restaurants in different locations, for example in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bochum, Munich, Hamburg and some more. It is a Mongolian restaurant. The concept is pretty awesome. You get a bowl on a small board. Each round you can choose one of the many different marinades. Then you go with its small board to the many different foods. There is a huge selection of vegetables (perfect for vegetarians), spices, tofu, cheese, fruit (e.g. mango!) And also lots of meat and fish. There are many exotic meat varieties like kangaroo. I as a vegetarian find the course rather uninteresting. For people who do not care which meat they eat, the selection is of course good. Then you place your small board with bowl and go back to its seat. The food is then brought to one.


Especially this time was that we could enjoy appetizers and dessert in addition. This for only 19.99 € - a special offer. The appetizers range from bread, to various salads, spring rolls, chicken nuggets and soups. We did not have a lot of appetizers as we wanted to enjoy mainly the main course and the dessert.

As a dessert there were many small glasses with, for example, chocolate pudding, vanilla mousse, mango groats, pancakes, hot cherries, great ice creams (such as black sesame) and fruit salad and chocolate sauce. I had two pancakes with hot cherries, a ball of black sesame ice cream, fruit salad with chocolate sauce and a glass of chocolate pudding. So a huge dessert! Unfortunately, I was pretty busy, so I could not take it. My friend and I had only had breakfast, but the whole vegetable is just enough!

It was an incredibly nice evening :)


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