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Monday, 8 May 2017

Ramen + Frozen Yoghurt with friends

I love Ramen. It's probably my favorit food with chocolate and vegetarian sushi. The best ramen place near my hometown is the "NaNiWa" in Dusseldorf, Germany. It's a really traditional restaurants. There are a lot of japanese going to the restaurant and a japanese friend of mine said it's a really amazing ramen place. I always order - the only - vegetarian ramen on the menu. The yasai ramen with vegetable with miso soup. Of course I ordered extra vegetables and an boild egg (for free!) on top of the regular ramen. I didn't finished it, it's simply impossble for me to finish one ramen, but it taste so good!

Afterwards we went to a Frozen Yoghurt place called "TenTen" just 1 minute away from the ramen place. And it's true: there is always some space for dessert! We had frozen yoghurt, unfortantly not the Matcha Frozen Yoghurt (we saw this after we finished). They had many options - fruits, a lot of chocolate, sweets, amazing sauces. I had coffee crunch - basically chocolate sauce with little pieces of something crunchy that tasted like coffee. I also had kinder chocolate and strawberrys. I would love to try all of the toppings, but this is simply not possible.

I had a really nice time. If you're going to Dusseldorf - visit the NaNiWa and TenTen Frozen Yoghurt!

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