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Thursday, 18 May 2017

MissionMore: vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree snacks

Healthy, affordable, vegan snacks? Here they are! Mission More is all this! There snacks are vegan, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free. There a the same prices as the protein balls from The Protein Ball Company. They cost 1,95€ each bag. There are 5 snacks in one bag.

My favourite ones are the Apple Pie Protein Bites. They really taste like Apple Pie! They are so amazing. They are little cubes and have a nice texture. The ingredients are: 49% dates, coconut nectar, cashew butter, 9% dried apple powder, pecans, 5% pea protein pieces (rice flour, pea protein powder), 5% rice protein powder, 3% walnuts, 1% cinnamon, salt

The Peanut Butter Jelly Protein Bites basically taste like peanut butter with a little bit of strawberrys, but mostly peanut butter. They taste nice and the texture is also great. The ingredients are: 34,5% peanut butter, 32,6% dates, coconut nectar, 8% protein powder (peas, rice), 7,6% freeze-dried strawberries, 4% roasted peanuts

The Chia Cranberry Lemon Snack Bites taste really fresh because of the lemon. They are a littly but smaller because they are round. The cubes are bigger but they have the same price. They taste really great but they could have been a little bit bigger. The ingredients are: 40,7% dates, 19,8% cashew butter, 15% roasted almond pieces, coconut nectar,  5% freeze-dried cranberries, 4% chia seeds, 1% lemon oil

The Cocos Maca Guarana Snack Balls taste really chocolaty but not too sweet. I don't really hype superfoods so much because you don't really taste them - in my opinion - and they are very expensive. But these taste amazing. The ingredients are: 32,8% dates, 21% almond butter, coconut nectar, 15,5% roasted almond pieces,  12% desiccated coconut, 1,8% maca, 1% guarana

The Blueberry Baobab Snack Balls taste really fruity because of the blueberrys. They also taste like almonds and dates, which is really great. The ingredients are: 43,4% dates, almond butter, 12,5% cashews, coconut nectar, 6,9% cocoa, 5% freeze-dried blueberries, 3,4% baobab, Salz

The Cookie Dough Protein Bites don't really taste like Cookie Dough, they taste like peanut butter. This is a little but sad. They should have used chickpeas, that would have taste. But they also taste really nice, but like peanut butter. The ingredients are: 48% dates, 20% peanut butter, coconut necta, 8% protein powder (peas, rice), 6,7% roasted peanuts, 5% cocoa nibs, salt


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