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Friday, 19 May 2017

Drugstore Haul

I ordered a lot of stuff from last week and after over 7 days it finally arrived! I think it's great that you can order online because I just had no time to make it to the drugstore. I bought the Heavenly Long Shampoo from Schauma. It's a really good price for a nice product. The Express-Repair Total Repair Conditioner from Gliss Kur is amazing for when you haven't got a lot time. Just shower your hair and spray this conditioner in you hair, blow-dry and you're good to go. The Renew7 Shampoo from Syoss is also really good price for a amazing product.

I also bought product for my face. I bought a lot of oil-free products because I have some problem areas in my face. I bought the Oil-free care serum from Balea, the Day-Care Oil-free cream gel from Balea, Clearing cleansing-foam from Balea and the Wash Gel 3in1 Cleansing Peeling Mask from Balea. They are all amazing for oily skin.  They smell nice and they animal cruelty free as well. I also bought a Night Cream Soft & Clear Intensive Protection from Balea. It's a really good moisturizer for the night.

I also bought Facestrips Soft & Clear Anti-Blackheads Nosestrips from Balea and Soft & Clear Anti-Pimple Peel-Off Mask from Balea to get rid of my blackheads and oily zones. They are really great and also not that expensive for this good procuts.

I also bought some makeup. I bought a Fixing spray from alverde. I needed this for summer. Makeup really doesn't last that long in summer. I am going to a wedding in July as well and I really want my makeup to last the whole day. This is why I bought it. I also bought the Wake up Concealer in 01 Naturelle from MANHATTAN Cosmetics and the Under Eye Concealer & Base in 010 from rend IT UP. They sell bright colors that are perfect for my fair skin.


At last I bought my favourite lip product the Lip care MedPlus from Blistex. I always use this at nighttime because I don't really like to use lip care in pots on the go. I want to have clean hands before I apply it. It's just the best lip care for smooth and healthy lips. I also bought the shaving gel Fruity Dream from Balea. Never shave without a gel or foam! It smells nice and really takes care of my skin.

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