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Friday, 19 May 2017

Drugstore Haul

I ordered a lot of stuff from last week and after over 7 days it finally arrived! I think it's great that you can order online because I just had no time to make it to the drugstore. I bought the Heavenly Long Shampoo from Schauma. It's a really good price for a nice product. The Express-Repair Total Repair Conditioner from Gliss Kur is amazing for when you haven't got a lot time. Just shower your hair and spray this conditioner in you hair, blow-dry and you're good to go. The Renew7 Shampoo from Syoss is also really good price for a amazing product.

I also bought product for my face. I bought a lot of oil-free products because I have some problem areas in my face. I bought the Oil-free care serum from Balea, the Day-Care Oil-free cream gel from Balea, Clearing cleansing-foam from Balea and the Wash Gel 3in1 Cleansing Peeling Mask from Balea. They are all amazing for oily skin.  They smell nice and they animal cruelty free as well. I also bought a Night Cream Soft & Clear Intensive Protection from Balea. It's a really good moisturizer for the night.

I also bought Facestrips Soft & Clear Anti-Blackheads Nosestrips from Balea and Soft & Clear Anti-Pimple Peel-Off Mask from Balea to get rid of my blackheads and oily zones. They are really great and also not that expensive for this good procuts.

I also bought some makeup. I bought a Fixing spray from alverde. I needed this for summer. Makeup really doesn't last that long in summer. I am going to a wedding in July as well and I really want my makeup to last the whole day. This is why I bought it. I also bought the Wake up Concealer in 01 Naturelle from MANHATTAN Cosmetics and the Under Eye Concealer & Base in 010 from rend IT UP. They sell bright colors that are perfect for my fair skin.


At last I bought my favourite lip product the Lip care MedPlus from Blistex. I always use this at nighttime because I don't really like to use lip care in pots on the go. I want to have clean hands before I apply it. It's just the best lip care for smooth and healthy lips. I also bought the shaving gel Fruity Dream from Balea. Never shave without a gel or foam! It smells nice and really takes care of my skin.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

MissionMore: vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree snacks

Healthy, affordable, vegan snacks? Here they are! Mission More is all this! There snacks are vegan, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free. There a the same prices as the protein balls from The Protein Ball Company. They cost 1,95€ each bag. There are 5 snacks in one bag.

My favourite ones are the Apple Pie Protein Bites. They really taste like Apple Pie! They are so amazing. They are little cubes and have a nice texture. The ingredients are: 49% dates, coconut nectar, cashew butter, 9% dried apple powder, pecans, 5% pea protein pieces (rice flour, pea protein powder), 5% rice protein powder, 3% walnuts, 1% cinnamon, salt

The Peanut Butter Jelly Protein Bites basically taste like peanut butter with a little bit of strawberrys, but mostly peanut butter. They taste nice and the texture is also great. The ingredients are: 34,5% peanut butter, 32,6% dates, coconut nectar, 8% protein powder (peas, rice), 7,6% freeze-dried strawberries, 4% roasted peanuts

The Chia Cranberry Lemon Snack Bites taste really fresh because of the lemon. They are a littly but smaller because they are round. The cubes are bigger but they have the same price. They taste really great but they could have been a little bit bigger. The ingredients are: 40,7% dates, 19,8% cashew butter, 15% roasted almond pieces, coconut nectar,  5% freeze-dried cranberries, 4% chia seeds, 1% lemon oil

The Cocos Maca Guarana Snack Balls taste really chocolaty but not too sweet. I don't really hype superfoods so much because you don't really taste them - in my opinion - and they are very expensive. But these taste amazing. The ingredients are: 32,8% dates, 21% almond butter, coconut nectar, 15,5% roasted almond pieces,  12% desiccated coconut, 1,8% maca, 1% guarana

The Blueberry Baobab Snack Balls taste really fruity because of the blueberrys. They also taste like almonds and dates, which is really great. The ingredients are: 43,4% dates, almond butter, 12,5% cashews, coconut nectar, 6,9% cocoa, 5% freeze-dried blueberries, 3,4% baobab, Salz

The Cookie Dough Protein Bites don't really taste like Cookie Dough, they taste like peanut butter. This is a little but sad. They should have used chickpeas, that would have taste. But they also taste really nice, but like peanut butter. The ingredients are: 48% dates, 20% peanut butter, coconut necta, 8% protein powder (peas, rice), 6,7% roasted peanuts, 5% cocoa nibs, salt


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Summer Clothing Haul

I bought something for summer and an upcoming wedding. The nude sandals are for the evening of the wedding. At this time I don't want to wear my high heels so I needed more comfortable shoes. I also needed new jeans shorts. I love all of them because they aren't that short. I don't want my butt to be out. I also bought an amazing blouse - I love it so much! It's so pretty. I also bought a nice bag from ZARA in a light blue, it's looked so good. Last but not least I needed new balance and I found the perfect ones: they are rose gold on the back ♥

Hoping the weather is amazing whereever you live so you can wear summery clothes too.

Review: Paramore - After Laughter

Basic informations:
  • Released: 12th May, 2017
  • Genre: New wave, pop rock, synth-pop
  • Length: 42:31
  • Label: Fueled by Ramen
 After four years the new record by Paramore finally here! I was so excited but also nervous because of their new sound. It's far away from their punk-rock beginning. Which isn't bad but I just hoped that I like their new sound. The music is really 80ths with a lot of synthesizers and less e-guitar. The whole record is basically about being lost, going through difficult situations, having a hard time and don't know what to do or how to do it. It's really a record about the time "after laughter".

My favourite songs are Hard Times - the first single, Rose-Colored Boy - listen to it on repeat, Caught in the middle and Tell Me How. I don't like "No friend". I don't really get this song, I can't understand a word and literally nothing happens in this song. Hard Times really start the road of the record. It combines more serious lyrics with a uplifting pop sound. I really like this mix between this, also the music is really catchy. Rose-Colored Boy is probably my favourite song of the record. I love the lyrics and what's its about. It's about someone with depression and another person who wants to help but only makes it worse. Told You So, the second single, is also a great song. I really love the verse but don't really like the refrain. It don't like this way of singing, with pause between almost every word. It just seems "clipped". Forgiveness and 26 are two of three balads on the record. The music is really nice and the lyrics are so amazing. I love the line "There's still a thread that runs from your body to mine; And you can't break what you don't see, an invisible line" in Forgivess and "Reality will break your heart; Survival will not be the hardest part; It's keeping all your hopes alive; When all the rest of you has died; So let it break your heart" in the song 26. The singer, Hayley Williams, sings about her experience with living in a dream world, maybe sometimes lose the sight on reality. It's really touching. Pool and Grudges are also great songs, but not one of my favourite. Pool is literally about a love that sucks you in. Both have nice melodies as well. Caught in the middle has a really nice melodie in the refrain and it's also about Hayley Williams being caught in her dreams "I was dreamin' life away; All the while just going blind". Idle Worship is about hero worship. Hayley explaines that she isn't a hero and that there are not heroes worthy enough in the current time "We all got problems, don't we?; We all need heroes, don't we?; But rest assured, there's not a single person here who's worthy". Tell me how is the third balad and closes the record with question "Tell me how to feel about you now". It's about two persons that don't know how to feel about each other, people who may breaked apart.

The record is different, but good. I don't like some parts of different songs but I only don't like one whole song. Every other song has parts that are magical and amazing. It's a great record for a fresh start and I hope they enter some happier times now and leave the Hard Times behind.

Favourite Lyrics:
  • These lives, and I still don't know how I even survive ("Hard Times")
  • I want you to stop insisting that I'm not a lost cause; 'Cause I've been through a lot ("Rose-Colored Boy")
  • You say my eyes are getting too dark now; But boy, you ain't ever seen my mind ("Rose-Colored Boy")
  • There's still a thread that runs from your body to mine; And you can't break what you don't see, an invisible line ("Forgiveness")
  • And I've been chasing after dreamers in the clouds; After all wasn't I the one who said; To keep your feet on the ground? ("26")
  • And they say that dreaming is free; But I wouldn't care what it cost me ("26")
  • Reality will break your heart; Survival will not be the hardest part; It's keeping all your hopes alive; When all the rest of you has died; So let it break your heart ("26")
  • As if the first cut wasn't deep enough; I dove in again 'cause I'm not into giving up ("Pool")
  • Drain the fantasy of you, Headfirst into shallow pools ("Pool")
  • I was dreamin' life away; All the while just going blind; Can't see the forest for the trees; Behind the lids of my own eyes; Nostalgia's cool, but it won't help me now; A dream is good, if you don't wear it out ("Caught in the middle")
  • We all got problems, don't we?; We all need heroes, don't we?; But rest assured, there's not a single person here who's worthy ("Idle Worship")
  • Of all the weapons you fight with; Your silence is the most violent ("Tell Me How")
Rating: 4 / 5

All tracks written by Hayley Williams and Taylor York, except where noted. All songs produced by York and Justin Meldal-Johnsen.
  1. Hard Times ♥
  2. Rose-Colored Boy (Williams, York, Zac Farro) ♥
  3. Told You So ♥
  4. Forgiveness ♥
  5. Fake Happy
  6. 26
  7. Pool (Williams, York, Farro) ♥
  8. Grudges (Williams, York, Farro)
  9. Caught in the Middle ♥
  10. Idle Worship
  11. No Friend (Aaron Weiss, Williams, York)
  12. Tell Me How ♥

Listen to it on Spotify:

Monday, 8 May 2017

Ramen + Frozen Yoghurt with friends

I love Ramen. It's probably my favorit food with chocolate and vegetarian sushi. The best ramen place near my hometown is the "NaNiWa" in Dusseldorf, Germany. It's a really traditional restaurants. There are a lot of japanese going to the restaurant and a japanese friend of mine said it's a really amazing ramen place. I always order - the only - vegetarian ramen on the menu. The yasai ramen with vegetable with miso soup. Of course I ordered extra vegetables and an boild egg (for free!) on top of the regular ramen. I didn't finished it, it's simply impossble for me to finish one ramen, but it taste so good!

Afterwards we went to a Frozen Yoghurt place called "TenTen" just 1 minute away from the ramen place. And it's true: there is always some space for dessert! We had frozen yoghurt, unfortantly not the Matcha Frozen Yoghurt (we saw this after we finished). They had many options - fruits, a lot of chocolate, sweets, amazing sauces. I had coffee crunch - basically chocolate sauce with little pieces of something crunchy that tasted like coffee. I also had kinder chocolate and strawberrys. I would love to try all of the toppings, but this is simply not possible.

I had a really nice time. If you're going to Dusseldorf - visit the NaNiWa and TenTen Frozen Yoghurt!
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