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Thursday, 6 April 2017

MAC Matte Lipstick "Taupe" + "Chili"

I really love matte lipstick because I think that shiny ones doesn't suit me. I was searching for warm and natural colours and I found two beautiful ones from MAC. I really love MAC lipstick. They are so long-lasting and they have so many different colours and different formulars - cream, shine, matte and so on.

I bought two matte lipsticks - "Taupe" and "Chili". They are both mattes and costs 21,50€. I think this price is okay. There are much more expensive ones on the market. My Estee Lauder lipsticks was 10€ more expensive.

"Taupe" is a "muted reddish-taupe brown". It's a really natural colour with a hint of brown. It's really matte, but I really like this look. It is really long-lasting and a perfect lipstick for every occasion.
"Chili" is a "brownish orange-red". It's more orange-red than brown, but I love this colour! I have some dark reds, some lilac reds, but I never found a nice orange red. I want to wear this colour at a wedding I'm invited in summer. It's a perfect colour for my dress.

I hope you liked this post, maybe you like these colours as well :)

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