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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Eye Makeup Haul

I needed a new mascara and new eyelines. I use both on daily bases so it's getting empty really quick. I bought the "roller lash mascara" from benefit. It's my favourite mascara! My eye lashes get longer and so full. It's just amazing. I also bough two eyeliners. A liquid one and a eyeliner pen. I often use both to make my winged eyeliner :) The mascars was 27,99€, the eyeliner pen was 2,99€ and the liquid eyeliner was 3,49€.

I also bought some new fake eyelashes also for the wedding I'm invited to in summer. I would never wear fake eyelashes without a good reason. But I like the look of full eyelashes. They are from Douglas, so you can find them on and there were only 8,99€ and I can't wait to wear them.

That's probably all I need for a perfect eye makeup, not the eyelashes of course.


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