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Sunday, 16 April 2017

April SourcedBox

I was so happy to recieve my SourcedBox last week. It took a long time, almost 10 days, because they ship it from the UK to Germany. It is a really long time. I understand the long delivery but maybe it would be an option to send SourcedBox to Germany or other countries a few day earlier than the other ones.

These months SourcedBox got 12 different snacks in it. I would say 10 because there were two teas in it. These are more of an extra than a reals snack. What I love about SourcedBox that it's all vegan, natural, refinded sugar because the makers really identify with this kind of eating. With other subscription boxes I sometimes get the feeling that they just put snack it is with "healthy" writing on them. But often these snacks aren't really healthy.

The package was packed really savely and carefully. Nothing was demaged after its long journey to Germany. After you open it you see the "Menu". On the menu they list every snacks thats in the box.

The box included two different teas from "We Love Tea". A Svelte Tea and a Moroccan Mint Tea. Both were really delicious but not really a snack. My two favourite snacks were the Organic Coconut Milk Chocolate (about £1,99) by "Enjoy! Raw Chocolate". The taste was amazing. It doesn't contain refinded sugar but it tasted like regular chocolate, but better. I also loved the Banana Rolls (about £2,50) by "The Beginnings". I ate both of them immediatly because they were sooo good. The texture is really soft and they taste really natural.

The box also included a Cacao Engery Bar (£1,89) by "Aduna" which tasted really chocolaty and it's so healthy. There also was a Cacao & Date Flapjack (£2,09) from "The Living Food Kitchen". Also really nice and tasty, I loved the soft dates in it. The Apple & Strawberry Snack (£3,50) from "Crushed" was interesting but really tasty. Didn't expected it so taste so fruity and yummy. The Spiced Mango and Pineapple Engery Drink (£1,00) from "Sunsoul" was alright, but I don't know why it's has to be spicy. Didn't liked that about the drink. There also were a Ginger Teatox Bar (£1,25) by "Creative Nature" in it. Really great taste, really natural sweet. Loved it.

I also really loved the Garlic & Herb Flaxseed Crisps (£1,50) by "Whitworths". They were an amazing snack and I loved that they didn't taste artificial like other chips. The Strawberry & Banana Snack (£1,25) by "Nothing but" was really really good! It's literally dried fruit but without anything artificial added! The Cinnamon Granola (about 2,0£) by "Primal Joy" was perfect for my because I love cinnamon. Had it as breakfast the next morning, really nice.

I paid  £18,95 and £4.50 for shipping. It's 23,45 every month. The snacks are worth about £19,47. So it was worth buying for me. Maybe they need to add an extra snack for people outside the UK. I'm not going to re-purchased the box but it's great for people in the UK without the shipping costs. I really loved the packaging, but I paid more for the snacks because of the shipping.

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