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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April Foodist FineSnacker Box Active

It's a subscription box full of healthy, vegan, gluten-free and refinded sugar free snacks. There are 5-7 snacks worth at least 15€. In the april box were 7 products worth 16,65€. The box costs 11,90€ - 14,90€. It's 14,90€ if you only order one box, it's 12,90€ if you pay your boxes every month and you can end your subscription every month, or 11,90€ if you pay for 12 month in advance.

You get the box in the first days of a new month without shipping costs. You pay in advance. You get 5% off every order at the Foodist online shop, if you're subscripe to a box (so not the one where you only pay for a month and you don't have to end you subscription). After your 12th box you get 10% on every order at the Foodist online shop.

Let's talk about these month snacks :)

I really liked this box. My favourite snack was the lime and pistachio protein balls from the Protein Ball Company. They originally cost 1,95€. They  really taste like dessert, like a cake. They are all natural, vegan and sooo delicious.

The raw cocoa hemp seeds bar with chia almond from nucao also was really delicous. It's chocolate without refinded sugar and the texture is really nice. Sometimes more healthier chocolate has a weird soft texture. This on is really good. Originally it costs 2,95€. So really expensive for a small chocolate bar.

The matcha raw food bar with cocao and goji berries from The Pretty Smart Food Co. was really great. It originally costs 2,20€. Also really expensive for a small bar, but it's okay. It's soft and tastes sweet, but not to sweet. I didn't really tasted the matcha. The chocolate was really strong, but really delicious.

A more savory snack: chili and oregano olives from Oloves for 1,50€. There're just chili oregano olives. The price is really high for some olives. They don't really taste that great, just spicy olives. I wouldn't buy them again.

The next snack was cocao, goji berrie, pistachio popcorn from Nina's Popcorn. It just tastes like popcorn - but healthy! I really love it! Of course it's much more expensive then this sugary popcorn, but I think it's worth it. It costs 2,60€ and the ingridients are all natural. Really great, would buy it again :)

The coconut chocolate chips from Heimatgut was also really good. Not that sweet, but really tasty. They cost 1,95€, so a good price for a lot of product. The chips are really small and a little bit difficult to eat. But a healthy alternative for regular chips.

The most expensive snack are the tomato chips with basil from The Beginnings for 3,50€. I really don't like them. It's just dried tomate with some basil. They tastes like old tomatos, really don't liked them. And the prices is not reasonable.

I am excited for my next box in June :) Hope you liked my blog post about this box. I'm going to recieve the SourcedBox in a few days, another snack subscription box. Looking forward to this :)

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