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Sunday, 16 April 2017

April SourcedBox

I was so happy to recieve my SourcedBox last week. It took a long time, almost 10 days, because they ship it from the UK to Germany. It is a really long time. I understand the long delivery but maybe it would be an option to send SourcedBox to Germany or other countries a few day earlier than the other ones.

These months SourcedBox got 12 different snacks in it. I would say 10 because there were two teas in it. These are more of an extra than a reals snack. What I love about SourcedBox that it's all vegan, natural, refinded sugar because the makers really identify with this kind of eating. With other subscription boxes I sometimes get the feeling that they just put snack it is with "healthy" writing on them. But often these snacks aren't really healthy.

The package was packed really savely and carefully. Nothing was demaged after its long journey to Germany. After you open it you see the "Menu". On the menu they list every snacks thats in the box.

The box included two different teas from "We Love Tea". A Svelte Tea and a Moroccan Mint Tea. Both were really delicious but not really a snack. My two favourite snacks were the Organic Coconut Milk Chocolate (about £1,99) by "Enjoy! Raw Chocolate". The taste was amazing. It doesn't contain refinded sugar but it tasted like regular chocolate, but better. I also loved the Banana Rolls (about £2,50) by "The Beginnings". I ate both of them immediatly because they were sooo good. The texture is really soft and they taste really natural.

The box also included a Cacao Engery Bar (£1,89) by "Aduna" which tasted really chocolaty and it's so healthy. There also was a Cacao & Date Flapjack (£2,09) from "The Living Food Kitchen". Also really nice and tasty, I loved the soft dates in it. The Apple & Strawberry Snack (£3,50) from "Crushed" was interesting but really tasty. Didn't expected it so taste so fruity and yummy. The Spiced Mango and Pineapple Engery Drink (£1,00) from "Sunsoul" was alright, but I don't know why it's has to be spicy. Didn't liked that about the drink. There also were a Ginger Teatox Bar (£1,25) by "Creative Nature" in it. Really great taste, really natural sweet. Loved it.

I also really loved the Garlic & Herb Flaxseed Crisps (£1,50) by "Whitworths". They were an amazing snack and I loved that they didn't taste artificial like other chips. The Strawberry & Banana Snack (£1,25) by "Nothing but" was really really good! It's literally dried fruit but without anything artificial added! The Cinnamon Granola (about 2,0£) by "Primal Joy" was perfect for my because I love cinnamon. Had it as breakfast the next morning, really nice.

I paid  £18,95 and £4.50 for shipping. It's 23,45 every month. The snacks are worth about £19,47. So it was worth buying for me. Maybe they need to add an extra snack for people outside the UK. I'm not going to re-purchased the box but it's great for people in the UK without the shipping costs. I really loved the packaging, but I paid more for the snacks because of the shipping.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Eye Makeup Haul

I needed a new mascara and new eyelines. I use both on daily bases so it's getting empty really quick. I bought the "roller lash mascara" from benefit. It's my favourite mascara! My eye lashes get longer and so full. It's just amazing. I also bough two eyeliners. A liquid one and a eyeliner pen. I often use both to make my winged eyeliner :) The mascars was 27,99€, the eyeliner pen was 2,99€ and the liquid eyeliner was 3,49€.

I also bought some new fake eyelashes also for the wedding I'm invited to in summer. I would never wear fake eyelashes without a good reason. But I like the look of full eyelashes. They are from Douglas, so you can find them on and there were only 8,99€ and I can't wait to wear them.

That's probably all I need for a perfect eye makeup, not the eyelashes of course.


Friday, 7 April 2017

Lee Stafford "Salt Spray" for fine hair

If you have really fine hair like me, you probably just want so volume. I always use some volume spray before I blow-dry my hair. And: I always spray some sea salt spray into my hair. Just put all your hair infront of you and put some sea salt spray on you hair. Flip it back and ruffle you hair. It gives you a nice volume and nice beach waves if you put you hair in a bun before.

I love the Beach Baby Salt Spray from Lee Stafford. They have amazing hair products and are not that expensive. The Sea Salt Spray costs only 10,95€. You can find it on many online stores. I bought it from a german online shop, but you can also find it on Boots.

I would really recommend you to use sea salt spray if you suffer from fine and flat hair.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

MAC Matte Lipstick "Taupe" + "Chili"

I really love matte lipstick because I think that shiny ones doesn't suit me. I was searching for warm and natural colours and I found two beautiful ones from MAC. I really love MAC lipstick. They are so long-lasting and they have so many different colours and different formulars - cream, shine, matte and so on.

I bought two matte lipsticks - "Taupe" and "Chili". They are both mattes and costs 21,50€. I think this price is okay. There are much more expensive ones on the market. My Estee Lauder lipsticks was 10€ more expensive.

"Taupe" is a "muted reddish-taupe brown". It's a really natural colour with a hint of brown. It's really matte, but I really like this look. It is really long-lasting and a perfect lipstick for every occasion.
"Chili" is a "brownish orange-red". It's more orange-red than brown, but I love this colour! I have some dark reds, some lilac reds, but I never found a nice orange red. I want to wear this colour at a wedding I'm invited in summer. It's a perfect colour for my dress.

I hope you liked this post, maybe you like these colours as well :)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April Foodist FineSnacker Box Active

It's a subscription box full of healthy, vegan, gluten-free and refinded sugar free snacks. There are 5-7 snacks worth at least 15€. In the april box were 7 products worth 16,65€. The box costs 11,90€ - 14,90€. It's 14,90€ if you only order one box, it's 12,90€ if you pay your boxes every month and you can end your subscription every month, or 11,90€ if you pay for 12 month in advance.

You get the box in the first days of a new month without shipping costs. You pay in advance. You get 5% off every order at the Foodist online shop, if you're subscripe to a box (so not the one where you only pay for a month and you don't have to end you subscription). After your 12th box you get 10% on every order at the Foodist online shop.

Let's talk about these month snacks :)

I really liked this box. My favourite snack was the lime and pistachio protein balls from the Protein Ball Company. They originally cost 1,95€. They  really taste like dessert, like a cake. They are all natural, vegan and sooo delicious.

The raw cocoa hemp seeds bar with chia almond from nucao also was really delicous. It's chocolate without refinded sugar and the texture is really nice. Sometimes more healthier chocolate has a weird soft texture. This on is really good. Originally it costs 2,95€. So really expensive for a small chocolate bar.

The matcha raw food bar with cocao and goji berries from The Pretty Smart Food Co. was really great. It originally costs 2,20€. Also really expensive for a small bar, but it's okay. It's soft and tastes sweet, but not to sweet. I didn't really tasted the matcha. The chocolate was really strong, but really delicious.

A more savory snack: chili and oregano olives from Oloves for 1,50€. There're just chili oregano olives. The price is really high for some olives. They don't really taste that great, just spicy olives. I wouldn't buy them again.

The next snack was cocao, goji berrie, pistachio popcorn from Nina's Popcorn. It just tastes like popcorn - but healthy! I really love it! Of course it's much more expensive then this sugary popcorn, but I think it's worth it. It costs 2,60€ and the ingridients are all natural. Really great, would buy it again :)

The coconut chocolate chips from Heimatgut was also really good. Not that sweet, but really tasty. They cost 1,95€, so a good price for a lot of product. The chips are really small and a little bit difficult to eat. But a healthy alternative for regular chips.

The most expensive snack are the tomato chips with basil from The Beginnings for 3,50€. I really don't like them. It's just dried tomate with some basil. They tastes like old tomatos, really don't liked them. And the prices is not reasonable.

I am excited for my next box in June :) Hope you liked my blog post about this box. I'm going to recieve the SourcedBox in a few days, another snack subscription box. Looking forward to this :)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Face Beauty Haul: MAC + ZOEVA

I used up my concealer and my powder foundation. The best products are from MAC. I just love them so much. I bought the "Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35" in "NW15" for 22€ and the "Studio Fix Powder + Foundation" in "NW10" for 32€. I love using the foundation to set my fluid foundation. I use a buffer brush to set my makeup under my eyes, my nose and my chin. It just really looks so good. I use the concealer for under my eye because It's a really light shade. I use a really fluffy small buffer brush for the concealer and build it up really slowly. It looks so good :)

And also I bought the "125 Stippling" makeup brush from ZOEVA for 14,99€. ZOEVA have the best makeup brushes for an amazing price! I don't like the MAC brushes because the price is so ridiculous. I use this brush for fluid foundation because it's applying the foundation really natural and it looks so good.

I hope you like this post and maybe you were on a the search for foundation, concealer or good brushed and I helped you :)

Leave a comment if you liked this post ^^


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Quick + Healthy Bircher Muesli

Sometimes it's all about the quick, healthy breakfast if you don't have much time on the morning. I have this quite a lot because I am working 2-3 times a week at my University and my work starts at 7.45am. A perfect way to get more sleep but also have a rich, healthy and delicious breakfast is preparing a big bowl of Bircher muesli the night before ;)

You will need:
  • 3 apples
  • 3-4 tsp of cinnamon
  • 100g raisins
  • 300g rolled oats
  • 3 tbsp of maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp of flaxseed / chia seeds
  • 1l of almond milk (or any other kind of milk)

  1. I used a kitchen machine from Philips to grate the apples, but you can use a normal grater. It just takes a little bit more time and it's much more exhausting. I grated many apple by hand and you get muscles from doing this.
  2. After you grated your apples you can add all the other ingridients to a bowl: 3-4 teaspoons of cinnamon, 100g raisins, 300g rolled oats, 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds or chia seeds and 1l of almond milk (or any other kind of milk)
  3. Mix everything together and make sure that all the oats are mixed with the milk. The oats need to suck in the milk over night.
  4. Put something on top of your bowl, maybe a plate, and put it into your fridge over night. 

You can now enjoy your Bircher Muesli for the whole week! Just keep it in the fridge.

Best ways to eat it? You can eat it on it own with some extra milk, or put it on top of yoghurt or lowfat quark. Maybe at some cocoa nibs or goji berries. It's such a rich an healthy breakfast.

Would love to hear from you if you tried this delicious breakfast!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

benefit - brow-kit "bigger & bolder brows"

If you want good eyebrow product you have to go to a benefit store! They have the best products and they are really specialized on eyebrow products. I kind of their trademark. Also their eyeliner and mascaras. I wanted to have some nice brow products and benefit got some really nice sets. I save a lot of money at benefit for the second time now . I onced bought a bronzer and rouge palette from benefit and I was so cheap for the amount of product that was in this palette. I also have a blog post about the palette :)

benefit got three brow kits in their store:

  • The first one is the "defined & refined brows kit": A "precision kit for expertly defined brows" for 31.50 pounds. It is available in light (for blonde hair), medium (for brown hair), dark (for black hairs). It's a brow kit for defined brows with a "precisely, my brow pencil" for really precise brows,a "BROWVO! conditioning primer" for preparing you brows for the brow pencil and a "high brow pencil" for a really nice effect to highlight your brows.
  • The second one is the "soft & natural brows kit": A brow kit for natural eyebrows also for 31.50 pounds. It's also available in light (for blonde hair), medium (for brown hair), dark (for black hairs). It's a brow kit for defined brows with a "goof proof brow pencil" for a natural eyebrow look ,a "ready, set, BROW!" for setting your eyebrows after applying the brow pencil and a "high brow pencil" for a really nice effect to highlight your brows.
  • The third one is the "bigger & bolder brows kit":  A brow kit for bigger and bolder  eye brows, which you can build up really good. It's also 31.50 pounds and also available in light (for blonde hair), medium (for brown hair), dark (for black hairs). It's a brow kit for defined brows with a "Ka-BROW!" which is a 'gel' for your eye brows. You can build it up really nice. A "ready, set, BROW!" for setting your eyebrows after applying the color on your brows and a "high brow pencil" for a really nice effect to highlight your brows.
I bought the "bigger & bolder brows kit" simply because of the products inside. I don't really like precise eye brows, because it doesn't suit me. I like naturally eyebrows, but with a strong buildable colour. All the kits include two original size products and one smaller one. You also get special eyebrow stencils for a really nice brow shape.

I can also recommend you these sets, because in the end you save a lot of money and get all you need for perfect brows.


Apple-rings Cinnamon Pancakes

I'm always looking for new recipes and I found this really cool apple-ring pancake recipe. It sounded so good that I had to make it and I loved it! So I wanted to share it with you. It's really easy, tastes amazing and is so so healthy :)

You need:
  • 2 large apples
  • 50g of flour (almond, coconut, rye, buckwheat)
  • 100ml of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • some oil for your pan
  • some maple syrup, honey or coconut flower syrup

  1. Put some oil in your pan and put it on middle heat.
  2. Cut your apple into slices. They shouldn't be too thin because they can break more easily when too thin. Remove the inside of the apple carefully with a knive. 
  3. Put some cinnamon over the apple and mix the apple with the cinnamon. But be careful. They shoudn't break.
  4. Mix the egg, the flour, the milk and the baking powder together.
  5. Put the apple gentley into your pancake dough. Flip it until the whole apple slice is covered in dough.
  6. Put the apple into the pan and wait for about 2 minutes (and until you see bubbles) until you flip it.
  7. The pan shouldn't be too hot. It's better to put it on lower to middle heat. 
  8. Meanwhile, cut the other apple into small pieces. Mix it with cinnamon and put it into your microwave or into a pan. If you use a pan, add 50ml of water as well. The apple should be soft.
  9. After you cooked the apple and made your pancakes: build a little pancake tower, put the apple on top and add some maple syrup.
Voila! That's it! A really healthy recipe for a really big apple-ring pancake tower :)

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