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Friday, 31 March 2017

Weight Watchers: Week 1 + 2

My first week with Weight Watcher was great until the point when something really bad happend in my family. But I kept going and just counted my points, tried to stay in it and did it. I used up all my weekly points, but I was really active last week. I didn't weigh myself last week because I was on my period. And because of water weight I weigh about 2kg (4 pounds) more during my period.

But I weight myself and I lost 1.9kg in 15 days :) I am really happy because I haven't lost any weight since probably October. It is a hugh step for my and I am just so happy. I love the point system because I can eat when I am hungry. My mistake is: I still count calories. I have to stop this. It gives my secruity, but It also makes me eat more than I need. But I'm want to change this from now on.

Here are my datas:
  • start weight (2 weeks ago): 60.3kg (133 pounds)
  • current weight: 58.4kg (129 pounds)
  • weight loss: 1.9kg (4 pounds)

  • Waist: 66cm (66cm before)
  • Abs: 78cm (80cm before)
  • Hips: 94cm (96cm before)
  • Chest: 82cm (82cm before)
  • Upper arm: 25cm (25cm before)
  • Thighs: 54cm (55cm before)
  • Calves: 36cm (36cm before)

See you next week :)

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