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Sunday, 19 March 2017

One Day in Berlin at Circus Halli Galli

There is a very popular show in Germany. The show is called Circus Halli Galli. I applied for tickets in November 2015 and was on the waiting list until February 2017. Then it was finally time. I could book tickets for the show. My boyfriend and I love the show, so we were ready to go to Berlin. We booked train tickets to Berlin and were looking forward to the day.

Three weeks later the day was finally there. I and my boyfriend made our way to the train station at 6 am in the morning. We had a five-hour train journey ahead of us. But we had really nice seats at the windows and we reached Berlin on time and had three hours to wander around Berlin. My boyfriend has never been to Berlin and I've been there twice. Therefore, I could show him Berlin and I knew a bit about it, also about the public transport. We looked at the Reichstag, the Holocaus Memorial, the Podsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie, the Siegessäule, the Pariser Platz, the Brandenburg Gate. So we really saw a lot in that short time.

We ate something in a shopping center, also because we were looking for a toilet. I had a vegan potato box with mashed potatoes, veggies, vegan yoghurt dressing and nuts. It was very much and I did not finished it, but it kept me full until 7pm, so over six hours. We also sat for half an hour at Starbucks to drink a coffee and then we made our way to Tempelhof. There is the studio of the show. We arrived, gave our booking confirmation and received our seats: Block D, row 2. We were a bit angry, because we did not really want to sit so far forward. We were also relatively late, so we did not understand that.

We then had to wait about 1 hour until the inlet began. We were Block D and were only allowed to go to the studio after Block A to C. When we were in the studio we got a bad surprise. We didn't had seats at the side, as we had assumed. We were sitting in front of the usual crowds on two long benches. These are special seats, which many actually want really bad. We were really shocked and did not want to be so seen on TV. Also because we had been awake since 5 am. But it did not help. Luckily we were not seen so much on TV, but only from time to time. The show was very fun and the two host, Joko and Klaas, were very nice off-camera. They talked to the visitors and told jokes. This was really great.

The show was over at 6pm and we headed back to the main station. We had to drive about 45 minutes and our train left at 7:45pm. We reached the central station on time, picked up something to eat and were waiting for our train. I had a salad with goat's cheese, grapes and walnuts. It was incredibly delicious. My boyfriend brought something to Burger King ;)

At 11:22pm we were at our station after a long train journey - again. From there we had to drive to my apartment and after this we had to drive for fifty minutes to my boyfriend's flat to take car of our cats. It was an incredibly long journey. We were awake for almost 21 hours . However, it was an adventure that I would not want to miss. Spontanity produces good things. You just have to trust and say yes!


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