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Sunday, 19 March 2017

English High Tea in Germany

I had my first High Tea in London at the Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. So I knew that I like High Tea's and I really wanted to have one again. The german one's are not as good and there aren't as many as in England. But my sisters and I found a really nice one in Cologne. So we went to this little Café called "Royale Cupcakes". It's kinda famous for their cupcakes and since a year they serve a High Tea as well. We went there and were really excited about how the food is and how many tea they have.

In London we paid 35 pounds and in Cologne we paid 15 euros. London is more expensive but we could drink as much tea as we want for 2 and a half hours and we could order everything from the High Tea again without paying more. We were so stuffed, so we couldn't order more, but it was enough. Moreover the money is also for the cats. You pay for the food, the drinks, the stuff, the location and the cats. So in my opinion the price is reasonable. In Cologne we could order a can of tea and the high tea for 15 euros. If we wanted more food we had to pay 3 euros. We also had to pay for another drink. I also think this is reasonable and really cheap for everything we got. The food was almost too much and I couldn't eat for the rest of the day. I ordered the vegetarian High Tea and my sister had the regular one. The only difference were that I didn't had bacon in my muffin or with my grissini. I had some cheese. But: I ordered a Orange Hot Chocolate. I love the Terry's Chocolate Orange and I loved the Costas Oranges Hot Chocolate I had in London last December. So I had to get it! It wasn't as good as the Costas one but also really nice.

The café is really small but this was alright. I really liked the stuff, the café is run by a family. I really like small cafés like this.

Afterwards we went to a Cat Café in Cologne which we love. I ordered a simple black coffee and... they had the best Carrot Cake I ever ate! So I had to order it. I ate this Cake ones and it was a dream. My two sisters and I shared this cake. There is always space for cake in my tummy ;) I really like this Cat Café. It has a nice atmosphere. At Cat Café I'm only annoyed by people who pat sleeping cats are are totally mentall when they see a cat. I enjoy being around cats and I don't harass them. The stuff of the Cat Café really needs to have an eye on their visitors. Some people don't respect the cats. They pet them, they runaway, they follow them. I mean what?! If cats runaway they don't want to be touched. But yeah, it was alright and we had a nice time at the Café. Thankfully the cats have a seperate room where they can rest if the visitors aren't that nice.


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