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Friday, 10 February 2017

Streetwear Clothing Haul

If I had to describe my personal style I'm not sure If I would be able to, it's really mixed. I like really chic clothing like blouses or nice skirts and dresses. But I also love streetwear by brands like Carharrt, Mazine, Cheap Monday or Nike. I think it's amazing to have different styles. I love to dressy in sporty, chic, with band shirts, high waist jeans, nice coats, sneaker but also high heals and boots. I just like nice clothes and combine nice clothes.

This time I discovered an amazing online shop for streetwear and band shirts. It's called Impericon. They have amazing clothes for good prizes and ship world wide! I bought some nice jeans, some shirts for spring and summer time, but also a nice light hoodie from nike and jacketperfect for spring and autumn. I hope you like these clothes and maybe you find something yourself on their homepage,


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