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Monday, 27 February 2017

My thoughts on the 89th Academy Awards

It was Oscar night! For me that meant: being awake until 6am and enjoying every second of it. I really love the Oscar night and everything happening around it. I really love movies, I love happy people getting awards and I love the entertainment and comedy in the show. I'm going to write about some parts of the show I think are worth mentioning

As always, I wasn't right all the time. I tought La La Land would win everything even If I wouldn't want that to happen. I was right in 11 out of 19 catogories I did a predictions on. It's okay I guess. I was really happy when "Manchester by the sea" won best screenplay and that Hacksaw Ridge won two Oscars. I also was so glad that La La Land didn't won everything. I didn't think it's a masterpiece because of the story. I loved the look of the movie and the music, but the story was almost boring and predictable. But they deserved the awards they won. It's a shame that Suicide Squat is now a Oscar awarded movie, even if it's just for Makeup. It's a shame.

I was really happy for Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) and Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea) to win Best supporting Actor and Best Leading Actor. I know everybody is bashing Casey Affleck. And if the storys about the sexual harrasment are true then he is an asshole. But: it is not proven. I do not judge people on empty accusation. Facts are so important. Just read about Julian Assange. Or many people who were under sentence of death - but didn't do anything. It is so important to think about the law and about the facts and not judge too quickly. Maybe he is quilty, maybe he is not. But I am not going to judge him today because there is no prove. It was sad that almost nobody stand up for him and that Brie Larson would more likely to puke on stage. But yeah, If he is innocent I am lucky for him because his performance was brilliant and breath-taking.

And I don't think Denzel Washington was better and Fences was the weakest movie in the Best Picture categorie. Although Viola Davis was great in Fences. I really didn't like her speech tough. I though it was really mean in a way because she said "We are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life!". Well, and what's with ALL the other people in the world? We are just ordinary people with shitty lifes not worth living? I was really offended. But yeah, I don't know how she meant it. It just didn't felt right.

The scancal around the Best Picture categorie was really sad. I felt so sorry for the whole La La Land crew. It must have been so indescribable hurtful to think you won the Oscar, but then you've been said that you lost. I though Moonlight would win and I am really happy that they won in the end. It was just a sad moment for both of them. But the crew of La La Land handled it in the must respectful way.

Jimmy Kimmel was a great host with a perfect mix of political views, critizism and comedy. Everything with Matt Damon was amazing, the flying candy was really cute. His jokes were great. I really enjoying the Oscars. Much better than last years. He did a great job.

Can't wait for next year.

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