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Friday, 10 February 2017

London in December

After I visited London last year, I couldn't wait to come back to this beautiful city. My sister wanted to visit a friend in Southhampton. So we planed to stay in London for three days and then go to Southhamptop. As always our flight took off really early. My alarm woke me up at 4am. I can deal with this, but my sister isn't a morning person. It was much harder for her. Luckily we only had to drive for about 30 minutes to the airport. We checked in and had breakfast and a coffee. This was so good. We waited until the boarding has started. Our flight took of at 7am and we were in London at 7:20am (time shift!).

We took the Stansted express to London. It was really relaxed and much easier than my bus ride last time. Never take a bus from the airport. It tooked so long and it was much more stressing. We arrived in London and took the tube to our hotel and left our back there. Our first day in London was about to start!

Our first day in London was so amazing! We just walked through Soho, Westminster, Picadilly Circus, Carnaby street and I fell in love with London again. We ate cookies at Ben's Cookies. I had a Orange Chocolate Cookie. The best cookie I ever ate! It's like Terry's Orange Chocolate, but in really soft cookie, it was so good. We also went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park because my sister really wanted to see it. It's like a german carnival and christmas market combined. It's really funny as a german to see this in England :D We saw a lot of squirrels and one touch my hand. It was so cute.

In the evening we ate at Wagamama for the first time. I was so excited because I heard so many good things about it. I had a vegetarian ramen bowl and it was really good, but we have a ramen store in Germany and they sell the best ramens ;) After we ate at Wagamama we saw "The Book of Mormon" at Westend. It was the best musical I ever seen! So funny, such good voices. I didn't expected it to be this good. But hey, it won a lot of Tonys, so yeah, maybe this would be a little hint. You habe to see "The Book Of Mormon" if you're going to be in London. It's just brilliant!

Our second day was full of amazing plans! First we went to the original location where they film Sherlock! It was so cool. We ate ate Speedy's. It's the café where Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman ate in the first episode. It was so cool. The people there were so nice, the food was really cheap for London and it tasted really good. I had a mushroom omelette and my sistr had the Sherlock breakfast. Afterwards we went to King's Cross because we wanted to take a photo at Platform 9¾. We waited for 30-45 minutes. I don't remember. It kinda makes me proud to see all these Harry Potter fans but I really hate waiting. I chose the Gryffindor scarf, of course, and the photos were so good. I am so happy. It's such a nice memory.

We took the tube to Covent Garden because my sister never been there. We visited the Moomin shop and had a nice Tea Time at Whittard's. I had a carrot cake - it was so good - and a mint tea. My sister had scones and a English Breakfast Tea. It's always so crowded at Covent Garden, especially at christmas time. But I really like the store there. We then went to Harrods. I just love the Harrods, all the nice food, the decorations. It's so amazing! It is really expensive but there are areas with cheaper products.

In the evening we went to Jamie's Italian. I really love this restaurant and I am so happy that it's coming to Germany in summer. My sister had a nice starter with a lot of antipasti like olives, peperoni and cheese. I don't had a started but a really nice main. I had a super food salad with broccoli, quinoa - it was so good. My sister had spicy pasta. As dessert I had Tiramisù pavlova. Unfortunately I didn't read the description. I tought it would be a tiramisu, but it wasn't. It was a "Coffee-rippled meringue topped with dark chocolate ice cream, smashed hazelnuts & hot chocolate sauce". I was disappointed but hey, it's ok. My sister had a vanilla yoghurt panna cotta with black cherry compote, spiced oaty crumble & orange zest. She loved it :) Afterwards we just walked through London and it's so pretty in the dark because of all the christmas lights. I wish I would have a lot of money to be able to live there. I just love it so so much.

At our third day in London we meet with a friend of  my siter and had a nice breakfast together. We also walked through the Spitalfields Market with a lot of shops. It was so nice. So many small shops and food places. We then went to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. I went there last year and fell in love with it. We had a High Tea. I wrote a blog post about my expierince this year - just click here if you want to read it :)

Afterwards we went back to the hotel, took our bags and took the train to Southhampton. A friend of my sister lives there. We had three amazing days in Southhampton. On the first night we ate at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Unfortunately I still was so full from Lady Dinah that I wasn't able to finish my burger nor my fries, what a shame. On the second day we drove to Oxford. It's a really nice city but it rained so hard that it wasn't so much fun. That was really sad because it really is a pretty city. Back in Southhampton we had a quick dinner at Wagamama and went to see "Fantastic beasts and where to find them". It's such a good movie! I love the main charater so much because he values animals as much as I do. Loved it :) On our last day we just walked through the city he lives in and had a nice little lunch at Pret A Manger. If you're in England you have to go to Pret ;) Our flight wasn't that late so we took the train at 3pm and just had a coffee at the really small airport in Southhampton.

It was an amazing trip and I hope I can visit London this year again. I still need to the Harry Potter Tour ;) We'll see ;)

We were at Lady Dinahs, Meat with a friend, ate a burger, went to cinema, oxford, pret

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