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Saturday, 4 February 2017

High Tea at Lady Dinah's Cat Empiroum

I never had a High Tea before. But the tought of getting a lot of food with as much tea and coffee as you want is really great :D So my sister and I booked the High Tea at the Lady Dinah's Cat Empiriom - a Cat Café in Bethnal Green, London. I visited this Cat Café last year and fell in love with this place. I had to come back. We ordered the vegetarian high tea and the étagère was full of yummy food! On the first plate we had more savoury food. Sandwiches, cheese sticks, hoummous. It was so delicous. On the second plate we had scones with clotted cream and jam. It was so good! I never had scones and clotted cream before and I fell in love. It tastes so good. Why don't we have this in Germany! The last plate was my dream plate: sweet stuff. A red velvet cupcake, two brownies, some spanish pastries (my sister recognizes them) and another piece of cake I don't remember. The food was amazing. We also had coffee, tea and a dark hot chocolate on a lovely wooden plate. I really loved all of this :)

I already knew that the staff and the cats are amazing! You can read about this in my previous post about the Cat Café. But this time the cats were awake! Last time they slept and I don't wake up sleepling cats. I petted so many cats and the staff told so many stories about the cats. It was such a lovely experience! If you find yourself in London: book a table in advance and enjoy a lovely day at Lady Dinah's :)

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