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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Breakfast at Bill's

 I always wanted to go to Bill's but I didn't hat time the year before. I was so happy the moment I saw a Bill's in a little street in London. My sister and I hadn't eaten for 6 hours after our flight, going to our hotel and walking through London for a long time. So we were literally starving! Bill's serves Breakfast until 12am. We were there at 11a.m.

We were seated really fast and I ordered a amazing cappucino and my sister had an english breakfast te. I really liked the atmosphere in Bill's. Really chill and not that crowed. I ordered "BILL’S VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST." which was poached free range eggs, tomatoes, hummus on brown toast, mushrooms, guacamole on brown toast, a sweet chilli sauce and basil. One of the best guacamoles I ever had! It was so delicious! It was a lot of food but I only had a cookie for lunch and wagamama ramen for dinner that day :)

My sister ordered a regular "AVOCADO ON TOAST". So it just was avocado with fresh lime on brown toast with seeds, chilli and poached eggs. It looked so great and we both really loved it. Can't wait to comeback and maybe order the pancakes or going there for Lunch :)


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