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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The unexpected beauty of Bamberg

I am currently doing an internship at "" and was allowed to go to Bamberg. I have never been to Bavaria, which was a great opportunity for me. I love traveling and would like to see the whole world. We went to the "Heinrichsfest" in Bamberg. It is a Catholic celebration, which is why I felt very wrong in the place, but more about this later. I took us 5 hours to get to Bamberg. In the fast train I have the first experience with a defective air conditioning, which is why I had to change the compartment. It was just so hot. At the weekend it should also be over 30 degrees. Our train was a bit late. We had exactly 3 minutes to walk from one train to the other. We then went to the monastery in which we should stay. Yes - in a monastery. It was not as bad as expected, because the nuns were very nice. It was also just a kind of youth hostel and did not look like a church.

We then walked around Bamberg. Bamberg is incredibly beautiful. The houses directly on the lake are called "Little Venice", since they are also located directly on the water. Bamberg is very "mountainous", has many bridges and an incomprehensibly beautiful old town. We went to a small cafe in a courtyard in the shade. I've eaten a light strawberry tiramisu. It was made with yoghurt and less with mascapone. We walked 6 hours through Bamberg. In the pictures you can hopefully see why Bamberg is worth a trip. But the little sweet houses made me very happy. In addition we were in a Rosengarten. I have never seen so many different types of roses. Very beautiful.

In the evening we were n a typical Bavarian Brauhaus. They actually had a vegetarian dish! A dough bag filled with vegetables, the sauce over it was delicious but very filling. For this we had a smoked beer. This is the traditional beer for the area. It tasted like smoked sausage, which is why I was very shocked. But it is vegetarian and the taste goes away. It is only very strong. Alcohol and heat does not fit so well. We went back really early. We had a lot to do the next day, so we needed sleep.

The next day work was done. We had a stand at the Heinrichtsfest and wanted to inform about the goals of However, it was hot, which is why many people prefer to sit in the beer garden, which was shady. We sat under our pavilion, it was hot, stuffy and sultry. It was horrible. We changed often, so one of us should sit somewhere else and the other one stayed at the pavilion, but it did not work. It has drawn. Besides, as an atheist, I am always somewhat badly cared for among Christians. First recth, because the Bischoff once said that abortion was murder. No idea why a man who has never had a relationship (anyway not publicly) has an opinion about it. It's women's choice. Well, that is however a completely different topic. I do not like the Catholic Church at all. This intolerance makes me angry. But well, back to our suffering in the heat. We could make a lunch break with a comical vegetarian soup and a white bread roll. But since I had not eaten anything since 6 hours everything was right for me. We were so happy when we could go. Unfortunately, we still had to dismantle.

We then got in the monastery to have dinner. It was very simple. I have not eaten a bread for dinner for a long time, but well. We ended the evening in a small beer garden. This was very typical of Bamberg we were told. You order drinks and can also order food. But you could also take your own food. It was very beautiful. But we were so tired and only stayed for about two hours.

It was a nice weekend and I would definitely go back to Bamberg for a weekend. A very nice city.


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