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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Review: Green Day - Revolution Road

Basic informations:
  • Released: 7th October, 2016
  • Genre: Punk rock, alternative rock
  • Length: 44:29
  • Label: Reprise

Finally, my heroes are back. The new Green Day record "Revolution Radio" is finally there and I can finally hear it! I was in Frankfurt the last two days and the record was at my home waiting for me. I heard it right after I got home, several times. For "special" albums, I always sit infront of my CD player with the booklet in my hand and read the lyrics while the music is playing. So I know exactly what is being sung (because Billie Joe Armstrong sometimes sings somewhat indistinct ... but beautiful). Green Day is one of my favorite bands. Unfortunately the last records "Uno", "Dos" and "Tré" were not so good. It was just too much new music at once and without a concept. That was a shame. Because "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown" were great records and "American Idiot" has still some of my favorite songs in it. I would even like to have a text excerpt from "Are we the waiting" tattooed. Namely: "Fairytales in my mind". Exactly, this is also the name of my blog. It just fits so much. For six to seven years, I have the plan with the tattoo and someday I'm doing it when I'm brave enough. Maybe as a reward, when I reach my desired weight, so the day I'm little bit more toned. But now we are coming to the new Green Day album ...

Now a review of the new record:
I really liked the tone of the record. It's more "punk" then "American Idiot" and really goes back to the basics of Green Day like "Dookie", which is amazing! My favourite songs are "Bang Bang", "Revolution Radio", "Forever Now", "Bouncing Off the Wall" and "Ordinary World". But Green Day achieved something only they can achieve: I like every single song. There is no song I don't like. The same has happed with "American Idiot", I love everything single song. So yeah, I love this record.

"Somewhere Now" starts really slow and silent, but it 'transforms' in a typical Green Day song, really similiar to their old records. Hardcore Green Day fans hear the similarity. "Bang Bang" is the first single release and deals with the mass shootings in the USA. A great but really really sad song, because it's so true. The whole album deals with similar issues - life in the USA at the moment. One of my favorite songs is "Revolution Radio". So it's called like the record. I love the verses, but especially the bridge and the chorus hit me. This song, however, is more like "Pop-Punk". In my opinion, Billie Joe Armstrong wrote about the media and the press in the USA. I love the verses of "Say goodbye" and also the lyrics are great. It is a typical Green Day song and in my opinion it's lika a little Hyme. As I said, the album is dealing with the violence in the US and the terrible events. Billie Joe Armstrong is committed to the "black lives matter" movements, as you can hear on this album. "Outlaw" also starts very quietly. In the refrain, however, a little more movement comes into the song. However, it is still one of the quieter songs of the album. I think it's very melodic. A great song. When "Bouncing Off the Wall" began I was directly loving it. I love the verses! The alternation of the measure in the verse is amazing. I love the guitar in this song. "Still Breathing" starts very quietly and then becomes a very nice but sad love song. I found it very sad because it was about soldiers coming home from the war. Or not. It is the typical song that people misunderstand and stamp as a ordinary love song. But it is more and very, very sad. "Youngblood" is somewhat monotonous and in my opinion the weakest song of the album. However, still beautiful. Also "Too Dumb to Die" starts rather calmly and starts after some time. I think it's a good thing that this theme goes through the album. It is also a typical Green Day song, the chorus simply remembered me of the old album. 100% Nostalgia. I liked the mood of "Troubled Times". A very gloomy song, as the title suggests. The verses are very melodic and the transition to the refrain is simply great and gives goose bumps. "Forever Now" is inspired by the great, long songs "Jesus of Suburbia" and "Homecoming". It is difficult to accommodate several songs in one song, but they are so great and fit together. Within "Forever now" I love the chorus of "Standing on the edge of the world". It's just Green Day like I love her. The transitions are great and every song is amazing with great melodies and great lyrics. "Ordinary World" is a very quiet song, only played with guitar. Billie Joe's voice is great. I'm already thinking about the concert I'm going to in January, where he'll probably be singing this song alone on stage. Just he and his guitar. It is a rather sad ending of the song with the sentence "What would you wish if you saw a shooting star in an ordinary world?" Yes, what would we wish for. After listening to this album, I would hope that the world would be more peaceful and filled with more love. Green Day, I applaud you.

Favourite Lyrics:

  • "All that we wanted; It's for our lives beyond stars." - Outlaws
  • "My head's above the rain and roses; Making my way away; My way to you." - Still breathing
  • "I'm hanging on a dream that's too dumb to die" - Too Dumb To Die
  • "I wanna start a revolution. I wanna hear it on my radio" - Forever now
  • "What would you wish if you saw a shooting star in an ordinary world?" - Ordinary World

Rating: 5 / 5

Tracklist: All lyrics were written by Billie Joe Armstrong and all the music were composed by Green Day themself.
  1. Somewhere Now
  2. Bang Bang
  3. Revolution Radio
  4. Say Goodbye
  5. Outlaws
  6. Bouncing Off the Wall
  7. Still Breathing
  8. Youngblood
  9. Too Dumb to Die
  10. Troubled Times
  11. Forever Now
  12. Ordinary World

Listen to it on Spotify:

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