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Monday, 3 October 2016

My first marathon: It's almost time

The second October is still 10 days away. Why did I register for this marathon? I wanted to prove something and stumbled into this journey with blue eyes. I ran and had a rough plan. I ran long runs. Had many setbacks. And now I stand here and there are only 10 days left. I could have done more, yes. But: it is my first marathon and there is still a next marathon. I want to enjoy this marathon. You only run your first marathon once. I've got lots of tips and I can do it. The time doesn't matter anymore. I give myself too little recognition. But I have to believe in myself. I can do it. I have to smile, stay at the moment and enjoy the 4: 45-5h or more, at the moment. My family does not leave me alone. They are cheering for me at 11km, at 20km and 40km. I'm not alone.

Oh dear, what a journey. I know I missed a lot of runs. I missed training because of injuries, the stem cell donation, my ankle snapped, I was ill for one week and had some really hot days in Germany. Unfortunatly I can't run when it's this hot outside. It was disgusting. So this marathon will be hard, I guess. But I can run 17km and 24km without feeling pain in my legs, without being exhausted and with the knowledge that I could run longer if I wanted too. I'm annoyed that I couldn't run 30k or 26k in my training because of my illness. But: it would be much worth if you would have run this right after my 1 1/2 week break or just 2 weeks before the marathon. The 17k run gave me a little bit confident back. Because I run 17k in a 6.35 pace. And because of my illness I am aiming for running 1-15km in 6.50 (which is extremley slow but I just want to run it under 5 hours... I just want to make it.). The next 10km (16-25) I want to run in a faster pace, 6.38 (which is still slower). This is the longest I ever ran. So after this it's a new expierience. I mean, I ran the 24k in a 6.09 without being ouut of breath and without any pain. And without ANY FOOD and even without water xD Yes I am a marathon training newbie. But you see, I'm not a newbie at running. I run for 6 years with some interruptions but I can run. I could run 30-40 minutes almost immediatly. But yeah this was before my illness. So I never run 24k in the pace I'm aming for at the marathon. It is really slow. So hopefully it helps me to pull through and being able to have power as far as possible. The last kilometres (26-42,195) I am aiming for a 6.45 pace whish will be fast then I guess. I'm expecting pain at least at 30 kilometres, but it's ok. Because: I'm going to make it. I'm not going to give up. Giving up is not an option. I want to be proud. I want to see my family at 40 kilometres cheering me on and being proud because it's almost done. Only 2,195km left. That's nothing! I'm capable of everything. It's in my hand. Despite having to work really early to really late, having friends and a boyfriend - and cats - I found time to run 415 kilometres since June, with some runs not logged and with 5-6 weeks not being able to train or not being able to run long. Everyone would tell me I didn't train hard enough. And it's probably right. To this point everything that could have been going wrong gone wrong.

I had my long runs, don't get me wrong. I run 14k, 16k, 19k, 24k, 17k. So I had some long runs, but not enough. I know that. But it would be worth If I would to a long run 12-13 days before the marathon.  But I am not going to give up. I'm going to listen to my body and I am going to give my best. I am going to enjoy the experience, I paiyed so much money for this! My goal is to make it under 5 hours is my second goals if I'm having a good day. Time isn't important. I'm going to run another marathon and I am starting to train 4 weeks after this marathon (lightly train). So I'm training for the Berlin marathon in September 2017. So if I'm missing some weeks or runs because of uni, illnesses, injuries - it's ok. Next year I am going to run the marathon in under 4:30h or even under 4:15.

Keep your fingers cross for me!

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