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Friday, 19 August 2016

What I Eat In A Day #03


Breakfast - 7:30AM: Rye pancakes with cherrys on top

You will need (for one portion):
  • 50g of rye flour 
  • 150g sour cherries in a glass
  • 1 egg
  • 8g of backing powder
  • 6g of vanilla sugar
  • 80-100ml of milk (it shouldn't be too fluid)
  • 10g of starch
  • some coconut oil

Recipe: You will need a pan and a pot. Put the cherries in the pot and put the oven on middle heat. After it's cooking a little bit add the starch to thicken the cherry sauce. Stir it 2-3 times every minutes so it doesn't burn. New put the flour, the baking powder, the egg, the vanilla sugar and 80ml of milk in a seperat bowl and mix it. If the dough is to thick add some milk. It should be too fluid so you're getting little fluffy pancakes. Now add some coconut oil to the pan and put in on middle heat. Wait until the oil has melted and make some little pancakes. Wait until there are some bubbles on the pancakes and flip them. Wait 2-3 minutes and your pancakes are ready. Make a little pancakes tower and add the cherrys on top. Now: enjoy!

 Nutrition data:
  • calories: 612kcal
  • carbs: 86g
  • protein: 20g

Lunch - 12:00PM: lowfat quark and lowfat yoghurt with some muesli and blueberries

You will need (for one portion):
  • 200g of lowfat yoghurt
  • 200g of lowfat quark
  • 50g of granola / muesli of your choice
  • 200g of blueberries 

Recipe: Just put the yoghurt and quark together. It's a great mix between the more fluid yoghurt and the thicker quark. Now you add the bluberries on one side and the granola on the other side. I used mint chocolate crumble muesli by Kölln. You can use every muesli or granola you want.

 Nutrition data:
  • calories: 558kcal
  • carbs: 59g
  • protein: 29g

DINNER - 17:00PM: vegetarian burger on rye bread with cheese, salsa and vegetables

You will need (for one portion):
  • 1 rye sandwich
  • 1 vegetarian patty
  • 1 tomato
  • some lettuce
  • 1 tbsp of ketchup
  • 1 tbsp of mustard
  • one slice of cheese
  • some coconut oil 

Recipe: Take a pan and put some coconut oil in it. Now you need to cook the patty and the tomates in the pan. Put it on the middle heat and just flip the tomatoes and the patty if there are ready on one side. Toast the rye bread and put all the vegetables on the bread. You can also put the cheese on the patty after you flip it ones. Now you need to put a lid on the pan so the cheese melts. Put the tomatoes and the patty on your bread an you are ready :)

 Nutrition data:
  • calories: 491kcal
  • carbs: 53g
  • protein: 24g

SNACKS 10AM: chocolate, a lot of chocolate

Nutrition data:
  • calories: 461 kcal
  • carbs: 51g
  • protein: 6g

  • calories: 2114kcal - 685kcal (exercise) = 1429kcal
  • carbs: 255g
  • fat: 72g
  • protein:92g

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