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Friday, 19 August 2016

NaNiWa: Ramen restaurant in Dusseldorf

I really love the asian district in Dusseldorf. They have cute shops with japanese plush, stationary and so on. But also asian supermarkets, cafés, restaurants but also some not-asian restaurants or comic stores. It's an amazing street - it's the "Immermann Street in Dusseldorf. One of my favourite ramen place is the "NaNiWa". They also have a sushi restaurant which is also really nice. It's a classic japanese restaurant like a friend told me. You have to wait infront of the restaurant on an bench if there are no seats available at that time - you can do a reservation. You order outside and if there are seats available you can sit down and only need to wait for 5 minutes inside because they already know your order. It's amazing.

At NaNiWa they serve Ramen (Noodle soup), classic asian starters like Wantan (dumplings), Wakama Salad (seaweed saöad), Edamame (soy beans), Yakisoba (roasted noodles), Rice menues like Tenshin-Han (Rice in an Omelette) and some desserts (green tea ice cream). It's really amazing. We always have ramen because we just love it so much!

I had a coke light and my sister had an Arizona Green Tea with Honey - amazing! You can chose the "base" of the soup. You can chose between miso soup, a soysauce soup, curry soup or a soup with a salt base.  My sister had the ramen called "NINNIKU MISO" with a "miso base" with garlic, vegetables and pork belly. You can order an egg and an extra portion of vegetables for free -which we all did. I had the ramen called "YASAI" with a "miso base" with cooked vegetables. Our friend had the ramen called "TOKUSEI TORIMISO" with a "miso base" with fried chicken and vegetables.

It was really amazing. If you ever find yourself in Dusseldorf visit this delicious reastaurant on the "Oststraße / East Streat 55".


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