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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

What I Eat In A Day #01

I hoped you liked my blog post on healthy eating, be happy again, controlled eating, stop binching and so on. I'm going to start with a "What I Eat In A Day" blog post about my meals today. Unfortunatly I snacked in between and ate some granola. But: I think I can reach my calorie goals.

For breakfast I made some banana pancakes with berries. I mushed one banana and added two free range eggs. I mixed it until it was a smooth dough and made my pancakes. Tip: make little ones. It's much easiert to flip them. I also heated up some frozen berries - no sugar added :) As a treat I ate a mini donut (only 86 calories) and I had my daily morning coffee with some milk. I love black coffee but I don't have one in the morning. It's just not good for you to dring black coffee on a empty stomach. I ate this around 7:45/8am. I first took a shower and the pancake making takes it's time.

I'm working from 12-4pm today so I had to had my lunch earlier. I ate around 11am so 3 hours after my breakfast. It was ideal but I can't eat on my work and I don't want to starve myself. I need to find another way because I don't like to consum the big part of my calories in only 3-4hours. So I had 250g low-fat yoghurt (lacto-free), with 250g pear (one whole pear) and 135g peach (one whole peach). I also added 40g of delicious chocolate granola (LOVE IT!). After that I had a little after eight dessert (118 calories). Without the useless snacking of granola it was good.

After my first 4 hours of work I had my dinner at 4.30pm. It's early I know but that's because of my working sheldue. I ade myself a lot of veggie, with soja cuisine by alpro, some "gemüse fund" and some thymian. I also added some tahin sesam paste. On top I putted one tofu "schnitzel" by a brand called "Rügenwalder Mühle". It's a german brand I guess. They simply make one of the best tofu products. I hope this keeps me full. I'm going to work from 5.45pm to 8pm. I will be at home at around 8.30pm and it  would be to late to eat. I don't really like this kind of work days. Normally I would eat at home at around 5-5.30pm. Unfortuntaly I had to get a salad because the vegetables were too spicy. I'm going to eat 100 calories less tomorow. SO it's ok.,

I had a really bad day. So I snacked some granola, but I don't binch and I'm not going to gain weight because of this day. I walked a lot too. I'm just really down because of different things. Not because of weight and so on.

Mistakes I've done
- ate to early after my breakfast without having hunger
- ate to much sugar
- too much usless snacking

How I want to change this?
- 1. breakfast first, after that take a shower, put on make up, read and do something on my todo list
- 2. plan my meals more carefully
- 3. plan 3 good meals and sweets (just 1-2 bits) + plan in the stuff i snacked on for the next day

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