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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Vegan Choco-Berry Nice Cream with Cacao Nibs

We had some really hot days in Germany so I made myself some delicious vegan Nice Cream. I literally can't eat a lot when it's warm. And the reason why I don't eat "normal" ice cream is: sugar. It is full of sugar and artificial ingredients. So If I want ice cream, I make it myself :)

For 3 portions you will need:
Brands Of Soul delivers to Germany and in a lot of other european contries.

You'll need a food processor or a really really good mixer because you have to process frozen bananas, berries and get a smooth consistency. I own the food processor "Philips HR7627/02". It wasn't expensive for a food processor this good. It is amazing for processing nuts or frozen fruits.
Just put all these ingredients into your food processor and mix it until it's all smooth. I put it into the freezer afterwards to get a really good consistency just like real ice cream.

You can top it with some berrys, maple syrup and nuts and your ready to enjoy :)

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