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Sunday, 24 July 2016

The beautiful world of The Body Shop

I really love the Body Shop. They don't test on animals, good payment, natural ingredients. It's just amazing. I'm a loyal customer for many years now and I'm always coming back. The Body Shop had a big sale last week with many lower prices and a discount "buy three, pay two" so I visited their website and found some really nice stuff which was a lot cheaper than normal.

One of my favourite scents is "Satsuma". It's smells fresh, fruity and summery. I really like the kind of strong scents because it's just so fresh. I bought the big version of the Satsuma shower gel. I like the packaging a lot because it has a pump! I also bought the big version of the Satsuma body butter. I buy this body butter for many years now. It sinks in so fast, it smells nice and it moistures my skin so good. Moreover I really love the body mist by the Body Shop. I had so many different scents of the body mists. It's a really nice way to smell nice and fresh in the summer. I bought the Satsuma body mist and it's just the perfect light scent for the summer.

The next thing I bought is the "Glazed candy apple body scrub". It's my favourite scent of all time! It is only availeble in the winter time for christmas. I know it's not christmas but I got one of the last ones I guess. I didn't pay anything because like I said - buy three, pay two :)

My favourite skin care products from The Body Shop are the tea tree ones. They aren't that expensive and they're amazing. I really like the unique smell and I like the variaty of the range. I bought the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub and I really see a different in my skin after two weeks of using this product. Another plus: it's vegan :)

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