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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stationary Shopping at Paperchase

I really love stationary and organizing. Since I've been in London I'm in love with Paperchase. They have such a variaty of notebooks, journals and stationary. I needed some notbooks and other stuff for planning so I made a little shop on the Paperchase online shop. I needed a notebook to plan my day, my univerity life, my marathon, my goals, my meals and so on. So I just bought some helpful stuff :)

 10 subject notebook
A4 6-part ruled black notebook

Only 3-4 daya later I received a packages from Northamptonshire, UK. I really don't know how they make it. Receiving a package from England after just 3-4 days is really fast. A big plus! bought the A4 10 subject notebook. I'm going to use this mainly for University planing and notes. It's just amazing because you can add new papers after you're fill up the notebook. I really like this kind of notebook because I can do mistakes and just rip the page from the notebook.

I also bought the Eco A4 notebook. Unfortunately it's sold out - but here are some alternatives if you want to buy it. The black A4 notbook or the eco A5 notebook (so a little bit smaller). I love buying eco friendly notebooks and paper. Good for the environment. I think I'm going to use this for my everyday planning for different month and categories. Maybe going to do another blog post after I used all of the notebooks. The A4 6-part ruled black notebook is really similar. I bought this because there was a big discount on it ;)

A big disappointment was that two products I ordered were damaged had a "Knick". I bought the London desk pad and the Spectrascope Desk Planner. The London desk planner is also sold, but Paperchase have got a lot of different kinds of desk planners. For example the Raindrop Desk Pad or the All Change Desk Pad. I'm going to use this for my rough weekly planning. So every sunday I'm going to plan the most important things that need to get done are important events. The Spectrascope Desk Planner is perfect for meal tracking and meal planning. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the "need to get done" part because I habe different planners for this.

Last but not least I bought some mini post its and a small list pad for planning on the go. It may be seems to be a lot of planning stuff but I'm going to use everything and I just really love a organized life :)

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