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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Neo Magazin Royale

For everyone outside Germany: you may not know this TV Show, so this for my germany readers. I had the chance to visit the Neo Magazin Royal twice. It's a political comedy like "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver". The first time I took my sister and we had some coffee and amazing waffles! It was really nice and we were really excited to visit the Neo Magazin Royal studio.

On the first recording we really had the best time ever. The host Jan Böhmermann was so funny and nice. They did a long online exclusive. They cooked and he gave me some food. Thas was really nice. You can see this on the internet on their youtube channel. It was a really long show and I was so happy and had a really great time.

The second times I went there they did two shows. So we had a little break between the shows so we got some food and chilled for almost 3 hours. It was a really long break! But they did a "musical" show and they had to prepare all the instruments. It was also really nice but It was really late and we almost missed our last train. All in all, I had two amazing days and I'm really happpy about these memories I made.

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