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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fairtrade Cacao + Coffee by Brands Of Soul

This is what happens if all you can think about is the Terry's Orange Chocolate that you sisters has bought you in England. You search for an unlimited supply of orange chocolate stuff. I just searched for a hot chocolate with orange flavour and I found an amazing homepage with fairtrade coffee, cacao, cocao nibs and frappé / milk shake mix. They only sell and use fairtrade cocao and coffee. This is so important so me! All of the things I bought wasn't that expensive. Buying fairtrade isn't that expensive. It's just a normal price for fair working conditions and payments.

I bought the "Nacional Arriba de Ecuador Kakaonibs". They taste so nice! They are roasted amd unshelled and direct traded cocoa beans. They have aromas of red fruits, citrus, honey and nuts. They taste really good in nice cream (ice cream made out of frozen bananas), because they stay in the ice cream so you have little cocao flakes in your ice cream. I also put them on top of smoothie bowls or into smoothies. They don't have any added sugar.
The "Frappé Smooth & Milky Choco Fudge" is a treat. It has added sugar but it's okay because it's a treat for cold summer days ;) I add this into smoothies or nice cream. It tastes like a milk shake and it was really good on this hot day we had in Germany. It's Frappé powder with cocoa powder, bourbon vanilla & caramel flavor. It has got a really creamy consistency. It's also available in bourbon vanilla flavor only.

This hot chocolate is possible the best hot chocolate I ever had. It's orange hot chocolate! It's creamy and thick dark hot chocolate. But you can make it really thick if you add more powder or if you add less powder you can have a light and creamy hot chocolate. It has natural mandarin / orange flavors and a 50% cocao content. It's also fairtrade and I can't wait for colder days to enjoy this with a good book or in the morning <3 Here is a vegan hot chocolate alternative - the 2872 hot chocolate with 72% Nacional Arriba de Ecuador cocao.

Because I ordered a lot they gave me coffee for free! It's called the "Moonlight" coffee and I can't wait to try it. It has a chocolatey base note and is supported by a moderate body. It also has flavors of chocolate, almond, walnut and vanilla. I'm a coffee lover and I try a lot of different, special coffes. This coffee sound so good. Coffee with chocolate flavors has to be a good one :)

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