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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dinner at MONGO'S

I and my boyfriend like to go to restaurants and try new and different food. We really love the restaurant named "Mongos". It's a mongolian restaurant with a really cool concept. You can choose the marinade of your choice. They have many different marinades - also for vegans and vegetarians. After you choosed your marinade (you can change your marinade after every bowl) you go to the place where all the vegetables, noodles, herbs, meat and fish are. I always have different kind of mushrooms (they have so many!), pak-choi, tofu, udon noodles and some mango. They have really "special" meat like kangaroo. I don't really like this, because I love kangaroos, but yeah, some humans eat every thing. I think many people, also in europe, would try dog meat if it was available. But yeah, my boyfriend don't eat that kind of meat. He also don't eat meat from baby animals and he thinks about what kind of meat he eats. He spents a lot of money on meat and only eats it if he can afford the expensive meat.. As a vegetarien I don't want to lecture or insult people who eat meat. I just want people to think about the meat industry and the value of meat.

Back to the food: after you filled your bowls with the food you want you take it to a place beside the kitchen. The cooks take it, cook it and you can sit down and wait for the waiters to bring your food after it has been cooked.

We also had a self-made maracuya limonade. It's so delicious! We always have this :) I didn't made that much photos because I really wanted to eat my food, enjoy the evening with my bodyfriend and didn't want to annoy the other visitors by taking photos of the vegetables or the dessert "station". The dessert was amazing! We had some pancakes with hot cherries (my FAVOURITE!) and I had some green tea, black sesam and mango ice cream. I also had two little mousse au chocolate (the most chocolatey dessert ever!) and a vanille mousse (wasn't that good).

We had a nice evening and we defenitly gonna come back :)

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