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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What's Beef Burgers

Me and my boyfriend wanted to treat ourselves and went to a really nice burger place in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was kinda like Five Guys were I was in London last December, but the differents were - they had vegetarian options and they didn't fried their fries in peanut oil. But they way you order your burger is literally the same and you actually see that the fries are potatoes because they still had their skin.

So we went in and the menu was amazing! Unfortunately we had to leave immidiatly to go to a bank because you can only pay with cash at "What's Beef Burgers". This was kinda annoying but well, now we know. You can order a normal burger, a cheese burger, a veggie burger and so on and then choose you topings. I gone for goat cheese and avocado on my veggie burger and also had some fries. My boyfriend had a regular cheese burger with onion rings and also fries.

After you ordered you have to wait for your number to be shown on the display. Then you order is ready, you get it and then you can eat! It was really delicious and a really good portion and quality for the price, because it was a little bit more pricey than other burger places around.

I also had a Nutella Donut Milkshake and oh my gosh, I wasn't disappointed. It was an actuall donut on top of my milk shake, with nutella outside and inside the donut. To be honst - it may was a little too much Nutella for my taste, so had to put some Nutella on the side. The milkshake was really tasty, but again - a lot of Nutella. So the next time I may order another one. I am a chocoholic but this way yeah... a lot to cope with.

We paid 15 euros each for a menu including a burger, fries and a drink. And I think the milkshakes was around 6 euros. So all and all really good pricez. If you ever find yourself in Dusseldorf (Germany) with a big hunger, visit this amazing burger restaurant :)

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