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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Summer shopping at ZARA + ASOS

I really needed some clothes for summer because the weather in germany decided to be hot for some days and I wanted to be prepared for the next hot days.

BasicallyI bought a little black jacket from Boohoo for the evening when it's still hot but a little bit more chill. I also bought a parka from ZARA. I really wanted a lighter jacket and I found an amazing one from ZARA. It's two jackets in one. You can leave in the quilted gilet inside the jacket and the fake-fur on the hood on for autmn or spring. Or you can remove it and literally have a summer jacket!

I fell in love with floral prints apparently. I really loved the dress. It's so cute and really floaty. The top is also amazing for really hot days, good quality - I just loved it.

If you want to take a look on these, here are the links:
ZARA Parka (sold out)


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