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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Oreo Chocolate Layer Cake

I wanted to bake an amazing cake for my boyfriends birthday and I kinda found an amazing cake and created my own reciped because I don't found a perfect one. Here are the ingriedients you will need to make this cake.

For the chocolate cake:
  • 260g flour
  • 415g sugar
  • 85g Dark Cocoa powder
  • 2tsp baking soda
  • 2 large eggs
  • 240ml buttermilk
  • 240ml vegetable oil (not Olive Oil!)
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar
  • 240ml boiling water

For the frosting (inside and outside the cake):
  • 40-60g Dark Cocoa powder (just taste it and decided if it's chocolaty enough)
  • 1 sachet of stabilizer for whipping cream / whipping cream stiffener
  • 1 -2 tsp Zucker
  • 550g whipped cream

For the decoration:
  • 100g whipped cream
  • 10-15 Schoko Bons (depends on how many you want on your cake)
  • 1 package of Oreos (around 20 oreos)

First mix all the dry ingredients together. So the flour, sugar, cacao powder, baking soda and vanilla sugar. Also take 2-3 packages of oreos (10-15 oreos) and make them really small (putting them in a bag, take a spoon and just hit them basically xD) and put them to the dry ingridients. Than take another bowl and mix the eggs, the buttermilk, the vegetable oil together. When putting in the boiling water - immadiately mix the wet ingredients together so the eggs don't begin to boil. This is really important. After you mixed all of the wet ingriedents toghether you can add the dry ingridients, but just 2 tablespoon at a time. After you mixed that, add the next 2 tablespoons. Mixed until it's a smoothis mixtures.

After that take three 9 inch cakes pans for the layers or - as I done it - bake one cake and just cut the cake into layers afterwards. It's a little but harder and you have to be really careful, but I didn't had that many cake pans. I really need to buy some.
Bake this at 300 degrees for about 25-28 minutes. A little tip: use a toothpick after 20-25 minutes and check of any dough is sticking to it. If this is the case just bake the cake for 5 minutes longer and check again.

After you're cake is ready, take the cake outside the oven and let it cool down for about 1-2 hours. It's really important! After 1-2 hours you can prepare the frosting. Put the whipped cream, the sugar, the cacao powder and sachet of stabilizer for whipping cream / whipping cream stiffener togehter and whip it until it's a really creamy. It has to be thicker than normales whipped cream. So you may need to add some more stabilizer for whipping cream / whipping cream stiffener. You can also add some more cacao powder if you want it to be more chocolate or some more sugar if you think it's to bitter.

Now you can take the cake out of the pans and put them side by side. Or if you made one big cake - take a long knife and cut the cake into 2-3 layers. But be REALLY careful. Now you can put some icing on the first layer of the cake. I like to add a lot icing, but you have to be careful. You need the icing for outside the cake and maybe another layer. So put the next layer of cake on the icing and put the next layer of icing on the cake. Now you can put the icing around the cake. Take time to do this :)

Now you can decorate the cake. You need to whip some more cream, but without adding sugar or cacao powder. You need another 10-15 oreos, 10-15 Kinder Schoko Bons (or similar candy) and some crumbled oreos. I made little "mounds" of cream and put one Schoko Bon on every "cream mound". I also cut the oreos into two pieces and put each half beside a "cream mound". Now you can put your oreo crumbles in the middle of the cake! Put the cake into your fridge and you're done :) You can modify these recipes and make as many layers as you want. Send me photos if you made this cake :)

After a really careful car drive from my house to his flat we made it. He was so happy about the cake and he loved it! As you can see on the last picture the cake has a really big layer of icing inside. So we were really full after having a really huge piece of cake. Although next time I'm going to do a 3-layer cake with 2 layers of icing and 3 layers of cake. The pieces will be a little smaller of course ;)

He loved all of his presents and it was a really nice birthday. Send me pictures if you're going to make this cake :)

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