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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My (the) Global Goals

I looked at these goals and it was hard to chose a goal because I literally want to change everything. I couldn't chose one, but I chose the "most important" ones for myself and things I may be able to change.

Sorry if my english isn't perfect. I'm working on it everyday!

1. No poverty
Why is it important to me? Germany and many parts of Europe are blessed with structures, food, electricity, water, education and security and so on. Nevertheless, we exploit other countries economically to increase our own profit. That is why there is poverty for example in Africa. We are destroying the economy in other countries in order to improve the European economy. However, this is not the way. Because there is poverty and comprehensible many Africans flee from Africa that cost far too many lives. We must stop exploiting these people, stop destroying their country and we must understand that we take away the home of many people, they flee and forcing this many people to become refugees, and this leads to hatred. There are so many right populists parties like the Afd, FPÖ, Front National, UKIP and so on. They even produce more hate and racism. The core problem is not the poor people who have to flee from their country. The problem is that we force these people to do this because we take their livelihood.

4. Quality education
Why is it important to me? I always had the opportunity to education. I can now even go to university right now. Knowledge is the best way to combat hatred, prejudice and violence. Because I think that people are less likely to have racist thoughts or produce hatred when having excess to education and the opportunity to go to university and make many international contacts and to grapple with our world. Of course, there are also a lot of idiots even in Ivy League Universities, but knowledge may prevent that the number of idiots don’t rise. Therefore, it is important that we give everyone the chance to a education and give everyone “a home”. At school you find friends, make contacts, get to know many different way of life. This is so important for children and to reduce intolerance and prejudice.

5. Gender equality
Why is it important to me? As a woman I often feel discriminated against. The pay gab, career opportunities or the prejudices that I get as a blonde girl. This pattern must be eliminated. On the one hand by the government with equal salaries and equal carrier perspectives. And on the other hand by parents explaining their children from the beginning, that boys and girls can do anything they want, that they’re worth the same and they must not comply with any stereotype.

12. Responsible consumption
Why is it important to me? It makes me angry when I see in what abundance we live. We can buy meat for less than 1€, the supermarkets are always full and they throw away all the food they don’t think is good enough any more. This food should not be donated. And yes, I think to myself - why is our world like is? Why do we think that we have the right to throw away food? But on the other side there are TV commercials of charity organizations, because children are starving in Africa. This is a huge contradiction. I know that the core problem in Africa is that the Africans only produce a little bit of the food themselves. However, it is important to me that I feel sick when I think that food we throw away could save children. I think that meat, fish and all animal products should be much more expensive. There are living beings. In addition, the food the supermarkets or restaurants throw away should be controlled and then donated. So they can help people. We do not need meat for 1€ or milk for 0.5€. We must not throw away yogurt because it has expired for one day. McDonalds does not have to throw away Burger, if they are not sold after 15 minutes. Maybe you understand my problem and why it makes me so angry.

13. Climate action
Why is it important to me? This should be important for every human being. But only a few people take this issue seriously. And many may only take it seriously when it is too late and only when it affect them. The best way here is probably: 1. Education: to explain people what they can do, what their actions provoke. Some people may simply don’t care, but I think the majority simply do not know exactly what happened and how to behave. 2. Economy: animal production and the economic pollute our world extremely. One way would be to lower the meat & fish consumption (the “meat fans” may now screaming out loud. Seek yourself another hobby ok? Or read something about the meat production. It is not about vegetarians or vegans, but to be conscious, wise and responsible about food produced from animals. The amount will hopefully shock a few people). In addition, our industry and the dwindling consumption of local goods destroy our environment a lot. Unfortunately it is hard to overcome corporations and politics. Because often all they see is money and profit.

14. & 15 Life below water + Life on land
Why is it important to me? I'm vegetarian. I care about animals and the environment a lot. The water pollution and the environmental pollution in general makes me sick. Putting our rubbish into the seas. All the coffee capsules from Nespresso and the small plastic bags for fruit and vegetables. It's all so bizarre and unnecessary that people prefer to have a Nespesso and don’t care about the pollution. How naive can you get? We destroy wonderful forests, oceans, landscapes. We kill animals, fish and rotten species. My heart beats in addition to the protection of human rights and for animals and our environment, which is why a job at Green Peace is also a dream of mine.

16. Peace and justice
Why is it important to me? War in Ukraine. Terroristic attacks in Turkey, Belgium, Paris. War in Syria and Africa. Gun violence and racism against black people in the United States. General gun problem & violence in the USA. These are just a few examples. Our world is currently overshadowed by hatred, violence and war. Hate is such a big problem. Hatred because of religion, gender, sexuality, origin. Many people forget or are too stupid: we are all people. We have no influence on whether we are born homosexual or heterosexual. We have no influence on our sex - and whether we agree with it or want to change it. We have no influence on our origins (I would also much rather be a Londoner). But we have a choice whether we choose the path of hatred, of violence, prejudice, envy, racism, ignorance and intolerance. Or if we choose the path of peace and love. Without violence, but with tolerance, knowledge, understanding, empathy and willingness to help each other. It makes me sad that people are hated just because they were born gay, or as Jews or with a different skin color than white. Everyone is equally valuable. My attitude is that I’m open to every human being I meet and then after I get to know them, I decide if he is a good human or a bad. Because hatred, war and injustice can only lead to destruction, dead and sadness.

17. Partnerships for the goals
Why is it important to me? There are so many borders in the world. England has unfortunately just created the next one with the referendum to Leave or Remain in the EU. I cuddle every single “Remain”-Voter in my in thoughts. I am so sorry that you now have to live with the choice from older people about your future. Now the United Kingdom maybe end because Scotland and Ireland do not want to leave the EU. The whole Brexit campaign was permeated by hatred and racism. Hatred towards refugees and Muslims (for the UKIP people they are all the same. Little reminder to the UKIP iditos: These are individuals and all unique and therefore must also be assessed as individuals with different opinions, life’s and so an). The EU is not perfect and I’m also the opinion that something has to change. Also regarding to the refugee policy. We have to help the refugees structured and we need to give local citizens a feeling of security. Then, the right-wing populist parties lose their arguments. However, In my opinion it so important that we work together. The EU's founding was a way for peace and partnership. And even if it’s not perfect. We can change parts, but together we are stronger. If we work together we eliminate hatred. We just need to do better and give people security. I think the closer we move together, the less hate can be spread by right-wing populists and racists. Together we are stronger than these idiots.

I want to work for Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, WWF or another NGO after University. I really hope that I can do my part on the road to reach this goals. It's important. It's important to not only think about ourselves, but think about others.

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