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Monday, 2 May 2016

Okinii + Cat Café "Schnurrke"

Normally I and my sisters visit the Okinii in Dusseldorf. However, my sister now lives in Cologne, so we visit the Okinii restaurant in Cologne. Short description of the concept: it is an Asian All- You-Can-Restaurant. But not a restaurant where you actually "binch on food". It's delicious food and you can order up to 8 small meals every 12-15 minutes. Furthermore, you have to pay 1,50-2€ for every dish that you order and don't eat because you ordered to much. I think that's a very good concept because I hate wasting food and I hate these cheap all-you-can-eat restaurants where people eat and eat and eat and leave all the food on their plates and then get more food.

We then ate delicious sushi, seaweed salad, tofu, spring rolls, vegetable patties and so on. There is also a good choice for vegetarians. I can only recommend visit the Okinii. It costs 15.90€ and 25.90€ when you visit the restaurant in the evening.

Self-made Ice-Cream: Lemon, Black Sesame, Mango
Cooked Mushrooms & Vegetables with a delicious sauce
Vegetable patty
Mochi rice cake: Cocos & Matcha flavour
In the photos, but my favorite dish is missing, because I didn't take a picture. It's called "Tofu hot". It's fried silk tofu but the coating is super light and airy, so that there is a space between the tofu and the breading. Then there is also is a great sauce.

Then we went to the Cat Café "Schnurrke" and were lucky because we immediately found seats. Unfortunately, a stupid family came into the café with 2 children who did not told their children that they shoul not pet sleeping cats. For these parents cats are "objects" and "entertainment". Some parents don't educate their children. But they left because there where no seats for them. Anyway, we then ordered amazing drinks. I had a Matcha Latte, my twin sister had a Iced Matcha Latte and my big sister has ordered a tea, but I forgot what kind of tea. After that we ordered our cakes (:D). I ordered the most delicious Carrot Cake. It was juicy and soft. The icing was incredibly tasty and I need the recipe. In addition I had a black coffee. My sister has ordered a 2nd tea and a cheesecake with lingonberries. My other sister just ordered a mint tea, unfortunately, there were aphids on the mint and the shock was huge. However, the owners of the café were very apologetic and my sister got a free drink.

Our drinks: Matcha Latte, Iced Matcha Latte and a tea
My little coffee and the best cake ever - this carrot cake was magic! My sister had another tea and a cheesecake with lingonberries.

It was a beautiful day and if you are interested in the restaurant or the cat café in Cologne - here are the links:

Okinii Cologne (Facebook) + Okinii Dusseldorf  (Facebook)
Cat Café Homepage + Facebook

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