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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

New Kindle & iPhone Case

I love pretty things. So I really wanted beautiful cases for my expensive mobile phone and kindle. For me personally, something like this still is special for me. I have to work for the things I would like to buy. I study, work at the university and don't have that much money every month. But it's enough :) I can travel, I'm able to go out with friends and able to buy some fancy makeup every now and then.

So, I spent some hours on Etsy. I love this site. People sell hand-made things and I love to buy stuff from "little companies".

I really love how well made the sleeves are. They are very stable. They look amazing and they really protect my mobile phone and kindle.

The iPhone case is also very pretty and well made. I linked the items and the shop down below, feel free to search through them :)

You can buy this on Etsy:


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