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Monday, 8 February 2016

Wishlist: ASOS Order

I love ASOS and I made a little purchase and just wanted you to see what I ordered. I hope everything fits, because they didn't always had 34/36 or XS/S and I often need a smaller size because my upperbody is kinda small. I'm not skinny or something but sometimes the clothing is a little bigger than a  S should be, so I have to order a smaller size. I often wear XS/34 on shirts or sweaters and S/36 in trousers. But I also have jeans in XS/26(weight) or 34 in skirts and dresses. So: your dress size doesn't define your body or how you feel about your body. It's so random and in different stores you often have to buy different sizes. So: if you like your body but you have to buy a size bigger or maybe - if you don't like to wear smaller sizes - smaller sizes, just don't care :)

If you like any of this here are the links. I'm going to do a blog post If any of this fits and I buy them :)

 Thanks so much for reading and I would love to hear your opinion about this clothes in the comments :)


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