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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hello March, Bye February

The last months were very stressful. I had to learn for three difficult exams. Since Christmas I was busy studying and studying. But finally I did it! I have my life back. Follow students may understand;) I have rewarded myself first. I was celebrating with friends. We were bowling, drinking together and ate delicious food. And of course, dancing.

I bought the famous "They're real"-Mascara by benefit. Until now I only had the "roller lash" Mascara by benefit, whish I love a lot. I never tried "They're Real" Mascara, but I'm going to tell you about my experience :)
Also, I finally bought a new iPhone. The iPhone 6S in rosé-gold. Onthe photos it looked very pink, but it's a really beautiful rose-gold.

I can finally blogging again. I'm planning a lot of blog post and take pictures. I am very excited to finally live again and to tell you about it.

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