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Saturday, 6 February 2016

London in December

Flying at 7 am means - get up at 3 am. After a long and painful farewell from my two cats we went to the central station by taxi - 5 minutes drive. But at this time no buses drove and with 2 suitcases we had no choice. After the 40-minute train ride - my boyriend took a nap ;) - we arrived at Cologne-Bonn airport.

We still had time and ate breakfast and drank a disgusting coffee - unfortunately, but we needed the caffeine. We relaxed for an hour at the airport. I am rather early than missing my flight. I don't have money for this.
I felt well during the flight. Despite my fear of flying. Unfortunately my boyfriend don't took the flight as good as me. He hasn't been on an airplane for a long time and got a bad headache. He is afraid of flying. But I held his hand and told him that the flight fortunately only takes 60 minutes.

At the Stansted airport in London we got our bags very quickly. After I was told that my passport photo on my passport does not look like me. Well I wasn't surprised since I had lost 20kg and 5 pants sizes and changed my hair from red to blond ;) We drove by bus to Victory Station. I'll never take the bus again! Next time I buy a train ticket! The bus drive was hectic and way too long!

We arrived at the hotel and left our bags in a room. The check-in isn't possible before 2pm and we did not want to pay more money. We wanted to use our money for our holiday - food, shopping - and not for the Check-In. So we parked our bags and I was finally able to explore the beautiful city that is: London!

We were very tired on our first day! But we still explored a lot of London! We literally walked for 8 hours straight! Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Squar, Soho and more. We crossed the river over the Waterloo bridge. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of London. I have rarely seen as many beautiful buildings as I saw in London. Also all the great cafes and restaurants, all the sweet taxis and the typical red buses. I was thrilled and If I had a lot of money, I would move to London :)
We drove back to the hotel after we were awake since 3am. We snuggled into bed, warmed up and spent a cozy evening with a good movie and a yummy snacks from Sainsbury's.

On the next day we had planed our trip to a Cat Café in Bethel Green - I love this district. So many pretty shops and cafés. This was heaven for me. You can read a more detailled report about our visit at "Lady Dinah's Cat Café" on the separate blog post I wrote - click here!

Afterwards we started our second day in London. Exploring the city and finally, finally - went to Harrods. I was so excited for this big store, especially during christmas time. All the christmas lights outside and inside. The beautiful make-up counters. I was overwhelmed, also by the prizes, but I expected this. I bought something nice and I also bought myself a snowman cupcake :) My boyfriend bought a lot of presents in the sweets department. I was in chocolate heaven and wanted to buy everyhing chocolatey in there!

Harrods is in the district Knightsbridge and oh my gosh - that's where the rich people live. If I had a lot of money I would immediately move there. The buildings were gorgeous! I was overwhelmed by all the old buildings and sad as well because I never will be able to live there :I

We continue exploring London. We visited Buckingham Palace and Westminster. Of course Covent Garden where I purchased something at the Moomin Shop. I had a Shake Shack burger with a portobello mushroom as patty (veggie of course). It was delicious! I bought a calender at Paperchase and we really enjoy the christmassy sprit of Covent Garden in December.

I also saw Backer Street 221b and the original filming scene of Sherlock (BBC). I was so excited! I am such a big Sherlock fan and my fan heart nearly explodes <3

On one day we visited Hyde Park. After our trip to Buckingham Palace. The Winter Wonderland christmas market was more like a german carnival! There where german stands everywhere. I read so much an german and I was so amused. My boyfriend and I often said "I thought we were in London, not in Germany". It wasn't a nice christmas market. I was really disappointed, but expected something different. But: I really loved the Hyde Park with all the ducks, geese and squirrels. We walked so much and later saw beautiful buildings after we left the Hyde Park.

Later we had dinner at Jamie's Italien. You can read a more detailled report about our visit at "Lady Dinah's Cat Café" on the separate blog post I wrote - click here!
At Jamie's Italian
Hyde Park

At Liberty
Nutella explosion at Hyde Park - Winter Wonderland (you could used this nutella for 6 slices of bread and it still would be enough for the pancake xD)

I really fell in love with London. Our trip ended after 4 day and I was really sad. I didn't wanted to leave. Anyway, me and my two sisters plan do go back to London to visit the Harry Potter Tour and just to return to London in December, and Lady Dinah's Cat Café :)

We drove back to the airport and had some coffee and food. At our last day my boyfriend ate his second burger from Five guys and he loved it again. I ate the fries because they didn't have a vegetarian burger. In germany you always have a vegetarian choice. I was really sad because my boyfriend was so impressed by the burger.

We had an amazing trip and I can't wait to come back. The only good thing about leaving London was being able to cuddle my two cats again. I missed them so much <3

We saw the bus and I was so jealous! So many people queued for this and I had to take another back to the airport. My fangirl heart broke.

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