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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dusseldorf: the five christmas markets

Every December I meet with my two sister in Dusseldorf and we make a tour through all of our favorite Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf incl . Shopping in stores and short walks through parks .

We always have an approximate "Route". We start at the Christmas market on the "Schadowplatz" (get off at Heinrich -Heine-Allee station) and go on to "Sternchenmarkt", then to the "Engelchenmarkt" at the "Heinrich-Heine-Platz". Afterwards we walk down the street further along and reach the Christmas Market at the Flingerstraße and finally we end up at a little bit bigger Christmas Market at the "Marktstraße". Here are not only food stalls and mulled wine stalls, but also a Ferris wheel or other Carousels. Of course their are christmas trees everywhere. Also festively decorated stalls that sell food, drinks or knickknacks.

It is wonderful. ;)

We always start at the "Glühteufel" stall on the Schadowstreet / "Schwadowplatz". They had a great campaign this year. In Germany you have to pay about 3 € glass / cup deposit because they are usually taken home from people. We could donate our deposit and of course we've done this. It is our favorite mullet wine stall because there playing "Last Christmas" at least every 2-3 song. Don't get me wrong - I hate that song. I avoid it to hear this song earlier. But when we were their for the first time, it was so funny that they were playing "Last Christmas" every ten minutes. So it's our tradition now :) We get "gewahmed" every year on this Christmas market and we always look forward and wait very excited for the first note to start ;)

Since I don't like mulled wine, I always drink hot chocolate with rum or Baileys. My sisters drinking normal mulled wine or white mulled wine, this is a little bit milder - they say. I can not judge that. I do not like both. But on the second picture they drink eggnog with caramel and this actually was very tasty. Unfortunately, there was so much alcohol in it that I do had to cough a little. I'm not that good at drinking hard liquor. I usually never drink that hard alcohol. I prefer german beer.

We contuine walking to other christmas market and eat something when we gethungry. I eat a delicious crepe with sugar and cinnamon everytime. The Nutella crepes are too messy, I always make a mess xD! And often I'll get some fries. Vegetarian choice aren't that good on christmas market. Despite the sweet stuff.

After the star market, which always has beautifully decorated stalls, we go to the market at the Heinrich-Heine-Allee and on the Flingern road. We shop at different shops. These two markets are right at many clothing and decoration shops. We always have so much fun together and make so much nonsense. It really is always the best time, when I go to Christmas markets with my siblings. Last year I was on 3 christmas market with my sisters: in Bochum, Aachen and Dusseldorf. With my boyfriend I was in London in the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. The Hyde Park was nice, however, the Christmas market was like a fun fair in Germany. There were German stalls and carousels everywhere. It was really funny as a german, but it wasn't christmassy at all.

While strolling through the Christmas fairs, we have yet another drink. This time, my siblings had the white hot wine and I of course my delicious hot chocolate with a shot of rum :) Never with amaretto because it tasts like marzipan and I hate that taste.

If you every visit a Christmas market in Germany - always have enough money with you for the deposit. We always had to pay 9-12 € just for the glasses and cups. You get the money back after you gave them your glasses. But: you can also take the glasses with you for 3-4€ (the desposit). At the Christmas market in Aachen, there is a stall which serve his drink from cups that look like boots. It looks so pretty. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them :/ But nevertheless, you can take this one home. The deposit is about 4-5 €. You can also get a new one (without hot chocolote or mullet wine in it) if you ask someone :)

We had our third and last drink christmas market on at the "Marktplatz". This time we all had hot chocolate and my sisters were mmediately convinced :) We drank this at the Rhine - the view is amazing. It's called the "Rheinpromenaden" / Rhine promenades. We drank our drinks and my sister ate a eggnog crêpe -  and the eggnog permanently ran out .

If you're in Dusseldorf at christmas time visit all these christmas markets. I'ts amazing! All the lights, the amazing food and drinks. It's even more magical in the evening if you're at the "Market Place" where you're able to see the beautiful Rhine. Do not visit on a saturday or friday because it will be crowed! I know: it's January but I wanted to write about this and get back to the christmas spirit :)

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