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Sunday, 31 January 2016

London: Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium

Me and my boyfriend visited London in December. And I knew I had to visit this one magical place: Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. It's a cat café in Bethnal Green, London. I follow them on social media and immediately fell in love with literally all of their cats and all the yummy drinks und food.

We entered the Café - after a short introduction and explanation of their rules - and there were cats everywhere - most of them were asleep. As a cat owner myself I wasn't suprised because I knew how long and often my cats are sleeping - all the time. I know that some visitors were bothers by the sleeping cats, because they expected more. They expect them to immediately show love and affection. To jump on their lap, but cats aren't like that. Cats are often very shy. Even my two Ragdoll cats, who are very trusting because that's the nature of this breed. So even my both lovely cats need at least two days until they show some affection to a visitor. I was incredibly happy to be able to simply enjoy the presence of so many cats.

We were greeted warmly and as I mentioned before we were told the rules of the cat café: Don't wake up the cat, don't lift up the cats, don't disturb the cats and don't give them food and so on. In addition, we had to wash our hands so we don't infect the cats. All this has made me so happy because I knew that the cats are loved by the staff of the café and the well-being of the cats is  the main priority.

We were taken to our seats. A lovely couch with a sleeping cat right in front of us on a chair. I was internal screaming. The cat was so beautiful. Unfortunately a visitor petted the cat and she left. I was in three cat café before and so many visitors don't understand cats and they pet even if the cat's asleep. 

The staff was very friendly, not pushy and they always told funny stories about the cats. We were almost immediately asked where we came from. Our German accent had betrayed us ;) Unfortunately I never was in an english speaking country before and was really really shy.

 He destroyed it!

We then ordered us some breakfast. I orderd a Hummous and Roast Vegetables Bagel (5,5£) and my boyfriend took the Meatball & Cheese Bagel (5,5£). It was so delicious! My boyfriend is a really fuzzy eater, but he really loved it!

After we finished this - and watched the cats enjoying all the sleep or attention - I ordered a "Artemis" - a Hot Chocolate Orange (4,1£) and a Chocolate Madarin Loaf (3,5£). It was so tasty! I would have liked to order it again, but I was so full!

The cats were treated very well by the staff. Unfortunately, the other visitors weren't. A visitor petted a cat which were in a house at her cat tree. It was so wrong, because that's a "safty spot" for cats. I hope the staff is able to fix these problemes. I know it's hard because they can't stalk and watch every visitor all the time. It's absolutly not their fault. I just felt really sorry for the cats. They just wanted to sleep. One time three visitors sourrounded a cat named Biskuit who was asleep. He just moved a little bit. The visitors immediately took their "chance". Thankfully a staff member came and explained that they please don't pet the cat while it's asleep or even half asleep.


The booking costs 6£. Some people might think it's too much. In my opinion it's not, because you're paying for the amazing staff und the cats. You are paying the service, the food and toys for the cat. They also gave as water for free which was really nice. The food and drinks aren't that expensive (for london prices ;D.

I really want to come back to this lovely place! In December I want to travel to London again and a visit at Lady Dinahs is the first task on my list.

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