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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bobbi Brown Makeup

When asked "What is your favorite cosmetics brand?" I would answer relatively quickly "Bobbi Brown". The selection is great and the quality and the pigmentation of lipsticks and eye products are indescribably good. Every time I have the opportunity to look at the range of Bobbi Brown in a store, I take the opportunity. The staff is always very friendly, advise me and give me compliments (I know that they only want to sell the products . But it's still nice).

I currently have the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in "Golden Pink" (about 31€), the "Smokey Kayal Liner" in "Noir" (about 25€), Rouge in "Slopes" (about 28€), the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation in "Porcelain" (about 42€), the Eyeshadow (but eyebrows) in "Blonde" (about 25€) and the "Shimmer Brick" (about 80€). Although it is not too much in quantity, the value is determined at approximately 260€. However, I have often got 10-23% discount due to a discount card)

I can only recommend the brand. The pigmentation is amazing. The selection of Rouge is huge and I never feel like a clown, because the pigmentation is very well adapted to the needs of the need Rouge should fulfill. I purchased the eyeshadow for my eyebrows. I have very thin eyebrows and a few gaps. It grows everywhere where it is not expected to grow, but not there where eyebrows should grow. With this eye shadow I - for the first time - love my eyebrows and I regret that I did not start earlier with fill my eyebrows.

The Shimmer Brick was expensive with 79.95€ (50€ with discount). But: the pigmentation is great, you're able to mix colors and you can use only one colour if you use a small precisely brush. I use this pallet very often and I love every single color. Unfortunately, the Shimmer Brick is no longer for available, but all other products are permanently available in the range of Bobbi Brown.

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