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Thursday, 8 October 2015

A look on Foundations

As you can see I have really light skin. Almost everytime I need to buy the lightest shade. I always use foundation with rose undertone, because the ones with yellow undertone make me look sick and pale. I am really pale, but this is another level.

My favourite of these is probably the one from Body Shop. It leaves my skin so soft, it's easy to apply, stays on a long time and doesn't make my skin look cakey. It has got SPF 15 as the Bobbie Brown one has. The foundation from Bobbi Brown is more expensive. The one from Body Shop is 20€ and the Bobbi Brown Foundation is about 42€. It looks so natural on my skin and I really don't get the feeling that I wear foundation on my skin. These two are really one of the best foundation I ever tried.

One tip before buying foundation: really try which shade fits you and ask someone. The L'Oreal is really to dark although it is the lightest shade of the range. I need to mix it with another foundation, because I look so ridicueless when applying it with mixing. The foundation is a good one, but it feels a lot heavier then the other two. It also doesn't have SPF and this is big negative point. Another criticle point is that it doesn't really moisturize the skin. The result is that my face looks like I'm wearing foundation. That's not really what a girl wants ;)

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