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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Stila "Eyes Are The Window" Shadow Palette in "Spirit"

I am sure that I never seen such a beautiful eyeshadow palette in my life. The packaging is rose gold and the colors are just incredibly beautiful. The colors from top left to bottom right: "Kitten" (shimmer), Puppy (matt), Pigalle (shimmer), Oasis (shimmer), Jezebel (shimmer), Barefoot (shimmer), Wheat (shimmer), Golightly (shimmer), Espresso (matt with a little bit of shimmer), Chinois (matt), Slate (shimmer), Pewter (shimmer).

The colors are all very natural and almost all of the color are shimmery. There are a some very bright in the palette, which can be used for the base or for an easy day look. Then there are a few more darker intense colours, which can be used to quickly turn the day look to an evening look. It's also got a white colour to set highlights at the brow or the inner corner of the eye. It has everything! I use this palette so often and I 'm already sad when I think of the moment I have used up my favorite colors. It's no longer available in Germany, but it's still available at Sephora and Feel Unique.

Kérastase & Dove for damaged hair

I survived  quite a long "hair story". My natural hair color is a dark blond. But I also had dark brown hair, blonde hair, red hair and chocolate brown hair. Since almost 2 years I grow out my natural hair color and light it op with with natural blond highlights.

Unfortunately I got very damaged hair due to many hair dyes and bleaching. If you share these past and destiny with me, then I do have a solution. The products from Kérastase "Bain Force Architecte" (price range of 27€ for the shampoo to 37€ for the conditioner) and the "Dove Weightless Oil" (under 10€). It cured my hair so well, this is why my hair look sooooo healthy. You can not heal damaged hair. What's damaged will be damaged. That's what my hairdresser told me. But these products gives strength to your hair and prevent it from more breaks. In addition, the products allow the hair to look nice, so you can grow out the damaged hair and cut off only a few centimetres every 2-3 month.

This really is a rescue for people who want to save their long hair or want to grow their hait to a certain length.

A look on Foundations

As you can see I have really light skin. Almost everytime I need to buy the lightest shade. I always use foundation with rose undertone, because the ones with yellow undertone make me look sick and pale. I am really pale, but this is another level.

My favourite of these is probably the one from Body Shop. It leaves my skin so soft, it's easy to apply, stays on a long time and doesn't make my skin look cakey. It has got SPF 15 as the Bobbie Brown one has. The foundation from Bobbi Brown is more expensive. The one from Body Shop is 20€ and the Bobbi Brown Foundation is about 42€. It looks so natural on my skin and I really don't get the feeling that I wear foundation on my skin. These two are really one of the best foundation I ever tried.

One tip before buying foundation: really try which shade fits you and ask someone. The L'Oreal is really to dark although it is the lightest shade of the range. I need to mix it with another foundation, because I look so ridicueless when applying it with mixing. The foundation is a good one, but it feels a lot heavier then the other two. It also doesn't have SPF and this is big negative point. Another criticle point is that it doesn't really moisturize the skin. The result is that my face looks like I'm wearing foundation. That's not really what a girl wants ;)

Bobbi Brown Makeup

When asked "What is your favorite cosmetics brand?" I would answer relatively quickly "Bobbi Brown". The selection is great and the quality and the pigmentation of lipsticks and eye products are indescribably good. Every time I have the opportunity to look at the range of Bobbi Brown in a store, I take the opportunity. The staff is always very friendly, advise me and give me compliments (I know that they only want to sell the products . But it's still nice).

I currently have the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in "Golden Pink" (about 31€), the "Smokey Kayal Liner" in "Noir" (about 25€), Rouge in "Slopes" (about 28€), the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation in "Porcelain" (about 42€), the Eyeshadow (but eyebrows) in "Blonde" (about 25€) and the "Shimmer Brick" (about 80€). Although it is not too much in quantity, the value is determined at approximately 260€. However, I have often got 10-23% discount due to a discount card)

I can only recommend the brand. The pigmentation is amazing. The selection of Rouge is huge and I never feel like a clown, because the pigmentation is very well adapted to the needs of the need Rouge should fulfill. I purchased the eyeshadow for my eyebrows. I have very thin eyebrows and a few gaps. It grows everywhere where it is not expected to grow, but not there where eyebrows should grow. With this eye shadow I - for the first time - love my eyebrows and I regret that I did not start earlier with fill my eyebrows.

The Shimmer Brick was expensive with 79.95€ (50€ with discount). But: the pigmentation is great, you're able to mix colors and you can use only one colour if you use a small precisely brush. I use this pallet very often and I love every single color. Unfortunately, the Shimmer Brick is no longer for available, but all other products are permanently available in the range of Bobbi Brown.

MAC Eyeshadow Palette "Warm Neutral"

Colours:  Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark, Brule Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle, Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind und Divine Decadence.

I am really into warm, neutral colours when it comes to eyeshadow. I often use nude, pink, grey, golden, light brown colours and even smokey eyes are very brave for me. This palette just got everything I love. 5 more pinky or lilac colours, 4 golden colours, 3 brown colours and some in between. I also really love shimmer eyeshadows and this palette have 9 shimmery colours and 6 matt colours.


 It's MAC, so it's quite expensive. But 150€ für 15 colours is a good deal. The pigmentation could be a little but stronger, but it's really buildable and I literally love all the colours. It's not as good as Bobbi Brown, but Bobbi Brown is even more expensive. In my opinion, the MAC Palette is a good deal If you want to start your make up collection :)

If you prefere more cold colours - the palette is also available with more cold eyeshadows.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

It really is the packaging of something that catches intention. I really love flowers, light blue. As I saw the advertisment in the television all I wanted was to smell this perfume. I kinda wished that it  smells bad, because it costs over 100€ and It a lot money to spent for 100ml of perfume.

"Unfortunately" it smelled amazing and I had to buy it. I waited for a few months, because I needed to finish my other perfume - "Sí" from "Giorgio Armani", also expensive but amazing.
I went to city and saw that Daisy Dream was on sale and costs 15€ less than the original price, so I bought it.

It's really hard to describe a smell but let me try. It's a very fresh, flowery scent and in contains Blackberry, grapefruit, pear, jasmine, lychee, Wisteria, light woods, musk, coconut water. It's also every light scent and bad thing about it that the scent fades away really quick. I have to use a lot and that's really annoying. The scent is amazing but I think I'm not going to buy it again. I prefer the body cream or body wash.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Show Of The Month: Better Call Saul

Picture by: AMC

Favourite Episode(s): Pimento (Season 1; Episode 9); Five-O (Season 1; Episode 6)
Favourite Character(s): Jimmy McGill (Saul Goodman), Mike Ehrmantraut, Kim Wexler
Favourite Feature(s): Camera and film editing (looks amazing), dialogues, the tension in storyline and the beautiful written characters.
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

After watching all seasons of Breaking Bad, which includes the last episodes that aired at my birthday, It was clear from the outset that I have to watch "Better Call Saul".

Of Course I had huge expectations because Breaking Bad was such a good show. I wasn't disappointed. They did a great job with introducing new characters - I honestly liked everyone. It changed during the series, but not in a bad way. It was necessary. It's impossible that every character is likable. In Breaking Bad characters like Gus Fring. He wasn't a nice characters. Even Walter White become a pretty big asshole. But, but they were interesting in their "evilness".
In "Better Call Saul" that kinda happen to character - I am not giving away who. They managed to total suprise you, so I hope you're going to be as suprise as I was.

"Better Call Saul" really shows who the character we all know from "Breaking Bad" are evolving to what they are in "Breaking Bad" - and that's kinda sad, but also really interesting.

It's much funnier than Breaking Bad, but I expected that. It's a show about our lovely Saul, who always had an inappropriate joke on his lips. Beside the funny side of the show, Better Call Saul are showing the deeper side of all the characters. The story has got so much love in it and it looks amazing.
The pictures are beautiful and they really made an effort to give it a great look. The colours are amazoming, the film editing. It's just amazing.

If you loved "Breaking Bad" with Saul and Mike, and like a little but more comedy as well, then you're going to love.
I can only recommend this to you. Have a good binch watch before the next season is airing.
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